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Egg Issues

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Obviously it's up to you, but it sounds like it would be a good idea to at least limit them -- maybe use them in mayo, or occasionally if you want to try a recipe that uses egg to help a coating stick to something or that binds ingredients together, but maybe don't depend on eggs for breakfast every day. If you use them occasionally but still seem to have issues, you may need to cut them out entirely.

It might also be the type of eggs you use, so if you have access to something like duck eggs, you may react differently to them. I've also seen some people who actually have a sensitivity to soy, who find they need eggs that are specifically from hens who have not been fed soy. And sometimes the egg white is more bothersome to people than the yolk. So there are some possibilities that you could research if you really like eggs and don't want to give them up forever if you don't have to.

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