Day 23- help! accidental slip up :(

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Hi! I was on day 23 of my whole30 and have been compliant the entire time. I have been super diligent about reading my ingredients, making my own condiments, etc etc. A few friends of mine decided to start it themselves and asked me a question on their coffee which raised a concern for the coffee I had been drinking. I realized mine had "natural and artificial flavor" listed in the ingredients which is not compliant. My normal coffee shop is closed due to Covid and this was a store bought reserve, It never occurred to me to check the ingredients because I thought coffee was coffee. I am VERY upset and wondering if I need to start over? I read through my book and other posts on the forum but those were slips ups pertaining to soy or gluten which I know have more detrimental effects. I probably have had 3-4 cups of this coffee over the course of the last few days. Prior to this, I also was thinking about extending to a whole45- do I proceed with that path or do I need to completely start over? Please help!! 

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