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Fast Track Reintro sugar and alcohol

K Hsu

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I'm wrapping up my first Whole 30 and starting to plan a Fast Track reintroduction.  I'm that during a reintroduction day regardless of how a non-whole 30 food group feels I should still eliminate it while reintroducing another non- whole 30 food group (ex: Don't eat gluten free grain on a dairy reintro day).  Looking at the Reintro guidelines I noticed alcohol and sugar are an optional reintroduction group.  A few questions regarding this:

1.  Once introducing sugar, is it ok to keep a little bit of added sugar in your reintro period? Even on the 2-day whole 30 reset days? (I really hate unsweetened coffee, and mostly use a splash of dairy free sweet cream or honey in my coffee)

2. Is it ok to have an alcoholic beverage with sugar in it? ie glass of red wine or a white claw AND is it ok to have an alcoholic beverage every now and then during the remainder of the reintroduction period including the 2 day whole 30 reset days?

3. Due to alignment of the weekend, I'd like to reintroduce alcohol before sugar- I don't really like pure alcohol and would like to have some White claws which are gluten free, but not sugar free so I would technically be reintroducing sugar and alcohol at the same time.  


Thank you for your help!


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