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Planning for Reintroduction

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I have sorted through the forum and I think I just want a little support.

I have not experienced any of the dramatic "what to expect" symptoms. My diet was already pretty healthy. I don't drink my calories at all e.g. no alcohol, unsweet tea, black coffee, lots of water. I'm not a big sugar junkie. My biggest hurdle for starting a Whole 30 in the first place was having to omit dairy from my diet. I love (I mean LOVE) all things dairy. But for the sake of this experiment, I have forgone all the dairy. The rest has been easy peasy. I am not one to get bored with food so eating the same thing every day is ok by me. I already had a wide variety of fruits and veg on my radar that I enjoy eating. I have learned to mitigate my boredom snacking. I'm only eating when I am hungry (during the scheduled meal times). This experiment is helping me feel much more in control of what I am eating rather than just grazing my way through the kitchen. 


I am struggling with the reintroduction concept. I want to do it in a regimented way but I am having a hard time with what to do first. I don't eat a lot of legumes so it doesn't make sense for me to spend a lot of time reintroducing that. My husband pointed out that I eat so much dairy that I probably should introduce different kinds at different times. Do all non-gluten grains count together? For example:  Sushi rice and quinoa and oats would be challenging to eat in one day. Also, I would expect certain biological reactions to reintroduction. Like it took me about 10 days to get used to eating a big increase in veg (diarrhea), but then things have been fine since. I know cheese can be constipating. Adding fiber from grains also has digestive repercussions. 

My personal point of view was to try to identify if I have any food triggers for migraine attacks. I am keeping a detailed diary of what I am eating and how I am feeling. This post might need to be in another place, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for anyone's feedback. 

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