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Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

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37 minutes ago, Contessa said:

This is a brilliant and undersung idea. I remember making an absurdly delicious recipe of Kalua Pig a couple of years ago, leaving my slow cooker to run on my patio one night. Somehow no raccoons got wise to the plan, but the fragrance was a blessing to the entire neighborhood.  :)

Ooh I want to do this.  Like a pig roast but easier.  Have bookmarked the recipe and am planning sides. It will be whatever but definitely something with pineapple. Now to find an occasion... oh, oh, I know! My brother's birthday is coming up.  Shadow's taking her kitchen outdoors! 

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Post Whole 30 Day ? Wednesday June 24

M1:orange root vegetables (rutabaga, sweet potato, carrot) mashed with ghee, herb roasted chicken breast, shredded

M2: egg salad with chives, carrot

Snack: handful of walnuts and raisins

M3: Cat's Chicken Thing (herb and garlic chicken on sliced potatoes & prosciutto), broccolini spears on the side @SchrodingersCat this was delicious :)


Post Whole 30 Day?  Thursday June 25 

M1: broccolini spears, steamed and plated with 2 fried eggs, sweet potato, rutabaga and prosciutto hash, ghee

M2: leftover spaghetti squash topped with ground beef & Kirkland marinara sauce, spiced up w/ ground oregano and red pepper flakes

Snack: raspberries & sweet iogo yogurt 

Snack: vanilla ice cream

Snack: 2 Vachon caramel cakes

Snack: yogurt topped with Honey Bunches of Oats cereal

Snack: Nature Valley peanut granola bar

M3: leftover chicken & potato casserole, broccolini

WTH happened? All those snacks?  I wasn't even hungry.  Napped mid afternoon because I was falling asleep at my desk, woke up and started to snack.  No explanation, but I'm throwing some serious shade at my dragon right now :angry: 

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Post Whole 30 Day ? Friday June 26

M1: 2 fried eggs, prosciutto, strawberries

Snack: chocolate chip banana muffin

M2: leftover beef and marinara sauce with leftover spaghetti squash, sweet potato, carrots, rutabaga

M3: leftover chicken and potato casserole with broccolini

Scale victory: I calculated my BMI and am very happy with my progress.

Had that muffin, it wasn't worth it.  Also was craving tons the rest of the day, but at least I didn't feed my dragon again, so go me, I'll take that NSV. 

Am tired of the leftovers, but feeling good that they all got eaten and I didn't throw them out.  Also prepared the leftovers for my family who were a bit ticked that I didn't make something new but hahahaha I don't care!  They are all big boys and girls now, and if they want to prepare a meal every once in ten years or so they can have at it.  Besides, the l/o's tasted great, were prepped a wee bit differently, not just re-heated, and were a long stretch better than anything family would have made from a box, like KD or Hamburger Helper.

:ph34r: I know where the dragon's lair is. I've been taking measurements almost every day for about two weeks and now have enough data to see a direct correlation between junky food that I eat and my belly measurements.  When I eat junk, my belly grows measurably by the next day.  It must be bloat, it can't be fat because fat doesn't grow that quickly, or does it?  Will I ever be able to enjoy junky sugary stuff again without wearing my sins for my own discomfort and for all to see?  

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Yay for the NSVs!  Including repurposing the leftovers and discovering the dragon's lair.  

Sugar/excess carbs does cause water retention -it is due to reactions related to insulin and glycogen storage.  That's awesome that you have discovered the correlation within your own body! 

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Post Whole 30 Day? Saturday June 27

M1: prosciutto and 2 eggs fried in ghee, green beans, strawberries

M2: green salad with avocado and chicken

M3: green salad, grilled chicken burger patty, 1/2 hot dog, triple chocolate cake with choc mousse and choc ganache

Snack: two butter tarts

NSV: I haven't felt dizzy and haven't had any stomach pain in a while

My sister and niece made the cake from scratch for birthdays we were celebrating at her cottage.  It was AhMAZing!  So, so good.  

I made the butter tarts from scratch, my contribution to weekend cottage sweets in the late hours of Saturday evening.  I also brought tons of veg for salad, and lots of fruit too, potato chips and dip because, well what's summer at the lake without chips and dip?


Post Whole 30 Day? Sunday June 28

Pre-breakfast snack: leftover butter tart  

M1: leftover green salad, 3 breakfast sausages w/ MSG, 1 pancake, watermelon, pineapple, another butter tart

Snack: vodka cooler, wine and potato chips at the dock

M2: lettuce wrap with cheese and hot dog, carrots, celery, HelluvaGood dip

Snacks: ice cream,  yogurt with granola, raisins and peanuts

NSV: my swim suit fit well, I was comfortable wearing it & not feeling too heavy or too big for the suit

Was feeling "hungry" first thing in the morning, but I know that it wasn't hunger, it was some kind of stomach unrest from snacking the night before on sugar.  I had a butter tart anyways because, well, it was cottage time and that's what people do, am I right?

I totally enjoyed the vodka, wine and chips at the dock.  I did not overdo it.  I had fun.  We had lots of laughs and bonding moments.  I was making conscious choices.  I was also drinking lots water.  Did I mention that we were having fun?  Feeling thankful that CoVid restrictions are slowly lifting here.  

Lack of enough good sleep the night before led to a break down of getting back to eating well on Sunday night.  I just grazed.  Was too tired to prepare a proper meal.  I did up some laundry and went to bed early.


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Post Whole 30 Day ? Monday June 29

M1: Farm Boy german bratwurst sausage, 2 eggs fried in ghee, 1 cup of green beans drizzled w/ ghee and sausage drippings

M2: my favourite green salad with avocado and chicken

Snack: Blueberry RXBAR

M3: spaghetti squash, ground beef, non-compliant PC Original pasta sauce, non-compliant Nestle drumstick

Feeling like getting back to W30 healthiness, I was up before 7am without any trouble.  I did feel a bit sluggish in the morning, likely a combination of too little sleep on Saturday night and too much non-compliant sugary foods at the lake.  My energy level seemed to increase as the day went on :) 

NSV: WHR is the lowest since I began measuring almost 3 weeks ago.  Dragon bloat measurement however, is up.

NSV: I weigh less now than I did in November 2017 or since.  Wow that's a good feeling.  But I want to lose all of my belly fat, and the only thing that has ever worked for me is this W30, unless I count the run-in I had six years ago with C-Diff.  And so I want to keep going with Whole 30. 

I am trying to make my meals fattier and bigger again, closer to how I ate in the first couple of weeks of W30, hoping to decrease my snack cravings.

The RXBAR was a necessity.  I was shopping and running errands, it was time to begin preparing dinner but I knew I wouldn't be home for another hour, and I knew from experience that I would buy something junky in the store if I didn't eat something before going in.  I ate it as I was cued up to go into the grocery and was super disappointed when I checked my look in the car after being in the store and found a bunch of blueberry seeds stuck in my teeth!  I won't buy more RXBARS if I can help it - I'll stick with seedless Larabars even though the RXBars have a bit more protein and variety packed into them.  

I need to stock up on compliant marinara sauce.  The second (second!) ingredient listed on the label of the pasta sauce is sugar.  I could taste it on the first bite, and I didn't like it.  Why would they put sugar in pasta sauce anyways?  

The drumstick was delicious, a bit melty from the car ride home, just the way I like my ice cream.  Did I need it?  Nope, but I grabbed it super quick after supper, before I had time to talk myself down.  Sigh.  Good thing I bought enough for everyone in my family to only have one each.  

I'm missing how good it feels to be 3-4 weeks into a compliant Whole30.  I'm missing the Tiger Blood, but I have little resolve to remain compliant every day, especially if I slip up, then I seem to to just let it all go and snack like crazy.  However, I do bring myself back to the W30 template, which means that I'm eating well most of the time.  I've been considering starting another W30 on July 1, but with some special occasions coming up in July, I'm a bit nervous that I won't be successful and I don't want to fail.  I'd rather make a looser plan to eat mostly W30, but then I won't have the high energy I'm coveting.  I need to make a decision and a plan.  Do I really want to follow W30 to the letter?  Can I make a few concessions that won't affect my energy levels for the day or two following?  I do want to lose more weight though.  So Shadow, cue up "I Got You Babe' from the Ground Hog Day movie, and try again tomorrow morning!

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I loved reading about your lake adventure and your readjustment afterward - this sounds so ideal!  It's always been all-or-nothing for me, I'm either eating all the treats or eating none of them.  Your balance is a goal for me.  

Tip on the marinara sauce - buy a big can of crushed tomatoes (check for compliance, but I think most are tomatoes, salt, and citric acid) and then add a little olive oil, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper to taste.  Super easy and delicious! 

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@MadyVanilla thanks for the tomato sauce tip, I will give it a try.  I do need to have something on hand to just open and pour, especially for evenings like yesterday when  I arrived home late to 3 pairs of hungry eyes looking at me, wondering what time dinner will be ready...

Have you found that you like to buy canned tomatoes without salt?  Its a bit weird to me, I eat lots of salt now and sprinkle it liberally on almost every meal, but when food like tomatoes are factory salted I almost can't eat them because they're too salty.  I guess I'm finding another balance that works for me ^_^  I'm looking forward to the tomatoes in my garden ripening and making my own sauce!

Thanks for the lake adventure comment.  I hesitate to mention these good times and the junky food I ate, it seems to be braggy.  I'm learning that I have good times and so do others, and I can enjoy reading about other people's adventures now without becoming jealous, but only if I keep in mind that what I do has been satisfying to me.  I can't do all the things all the times, but I do some fun things some times, and I can feel happiness for other people now who do their things too.  Its been a life-long struggle to separate what others do for fun and not feel jealousy that I'm not doing the same thing.  In the past few years I make more of an effort to provide fun activities for other people to enjoy with me.  For example, we have a beautiful large back yard with mix of lawn and forest and a lovely rustic fire pit.  People love to come here to enjoy a bon fire.  I don't have a beach house or a boat, or a ski chalet, but I've heard people talking about the nice/fun bon fire parties we've had, and that makes me happy.   Now to just feel more comfortable with the body I'm in...

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38 minutes ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Have you found that you like to buy canned tomatoes without salt? 

I have not done this, and the only canned tomatoes I've had during this W30 are diced and paste that I added to a recipe.  I wonder how no-salt added would taste?  I'm definitely much more sensitive to all seasonings now, and don't need as much salt on my food to enjoy it.  I'll have to try.  And homemade tomato sauce - you must post your recipe when you're ready to make it!  


41 minutes ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Its been a life-long struggle to separate what others do for fun and not feel jealousy that I'm not doing the same thing. 

This...for me, about both what people seem to be able to eat and get away with, and also being involved in fun adventures.  I began to realize that the person who seems to be able to eat all the cake without any repercussions in public is also likely the same person who eats almost nothing in private.  Or works out to complete and utter exhaustion in order to rid themselves of calories.  So what looks exciting and fun and evoking my jealousy really isn't the way I want to live, either.  I still fight the jealous feeling, but sometimes I can temper it with these thoughts.  

With the fun adventures, I  spent many, many years holed up in my house, caring for my kids and going to work, but never joining in on any invitations from co-workers.  There are reasons for this that I need to process through and will do in my journal.  I love that you are the bonfire person, that is a niche for you with your people.  We all need a role, something that we are known for, within our social worlds.  I suspect the comfort with our own physical bodies comes after discovering that we are valuable to people for reasons other than our bodies.  That sounds so psychobabble-ish,   Oh, to be sitting in front of your lovely fire, having such conversations!  :lol:


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1 hour ago, MadyVanilla said:

Oh, to be sitting in front of your lovely fire, having such conversations!

You're welcome anytime :P



This is the sauce I made, very similar to your tip above.  I need to change my mindset, to preparing more food from scratch (or mostly from scratch anyways).  I need to work into my schedule the time for this too.  I once saw a quote, "If you are too busy to pray, then you are much busier than God ever intended you to be."  (source forgotten).  I often replace the word "pray" with "cook" or "relax" or "sleep,"  or whatever else I need to do to live a healthy life.  Funny, I never replace it with "work!"  :D


1 hour ago, MadyVanilla said:

the comfort with our own physical bodies comes after discovering that we are valuable to people for reasons other than our bodies

This.  Def quotable, and is something I'm working towards.  Realization is the first step.

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Post Whole 3o Day? Tuesday June 30

M1: greens, eggs, and ham (broccoli, 2 eggs over easy fried in ghee, prosciutto pan fried til hot)

Snack: cookie dough

M2: my favourite green salad with avocado and chicken

Snack: cookie dough

M3: spaghetti squash with compliant Kirkland marinara sauce, 1 Greenfields non-compliant cheddar sausage (dairy & sugar)

According to MyFitnessPal, if it wasn't for that cookie dough I would be down another 5 lbs if I eat like this every day over the next 5 weeks.  I know why I made the cookie dough, it was because I didn't have anything ready to eat in the fridge.  I can whip up cookie dough in 90 seconds flat, but why?  I didn't even like it very much anyore, and I feel blergh right now - no surprise there.  I would have eaten anything else if it was just ready to grab and go. 

I am out of sorts in many ways.  My sleep hasn't been great.  I feel snitty.  My 17 yo daughter asked me today when did I start swearing?  Yup, I don't normally swear, but these past few days the *!#!*'s have been flying around here, and there is no good reason for it.  What the heck?  More importantly, what to do?

I have decided that I am going to sign off for now.  I logged consistently almost every day for two months.  I feel I have the basics down to eat Whole30 most of the time.  I don't beat myself up if I go off plan, unless it is something supremely stupid like making cookie dough and then eating a sh!t load of it. That is an old habit, and it's time to bury it deeper this time.  I'm going to stop logging for a bit, and the time I save from logging and journaling will go towards meal planning and trying some new recipes.  Tomorrow is a new day, a new month.  I'm planning to start the day by going to Mass at my church (Canada Day here), something I have been missing terribly since the lockdowns.  Work has been extremely busy and I am feeling swamped, so want to fix that up too.  My house is not as clean and tidy as I like, which also affects my mood.  I will try to eat as close to Whole30 as possible, as often as I can, and try to keep away from sugar, or at least if I have sugar I want to plan it and look forward to it.  I am also unplugging from social media, hopefully for the month but not sure if that's realistic.  A week anyways.  

I hope to get back to myself soon.  Even before I began W30 at the beginning of May I wasn't like this.  I'm going to concentrate on eating clean, keeping my house and fridge organized, and learning to cook some new recipes - a goal I had from early on in my journey.  I also had a goal to be able to prep W30/clean meals quickly without too much fuss, and today's foray into the baking cupboard for the butter, flour, sugar and chocolate chips just proves that I'm not where I want to be - yet.  

I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to everyone who posted their struggles and their victories.  It's been helpful knowing that I'm not alone in this.  I will miss keeping up with you all, but know that I am wishing you success, every. single. day.  Fare well everyone.  I will be absent for a while, keeping on keeping on - I hope, as will you too. 

Wishing you a happy summer, filled with more nsv's than you can imagine.  







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Whole 30 Round 3, Saturday August 1, 2020 re-intro and goals

I'm back after a crazy July of feeding my Sugar Dragon way too much, especially ice cream.  My waist measurement has increased and my waist-to-hip ratio is at a staggering 0.906 today, which means I need to lose fat from around my mid section especially, but also generally all over.  This morning I saw a video of myself and I don't like how I look (my body is shaped like a sausage, without a defined waist).  I need to change that.  

I was considering following the DASH diet, but I decided to do another Whole 30 instead because I like the results I had previously.  Whole30 taught me how to cook real food, how to eat big and healthy meals that leave me satisfied until my next meal, and I learned to not snack between meals while adhering to the program. Since completing my last W30, I now successfully go from breakfast to lunch without any snacking between, but I need to continue to work on developing better habits to get me through mid to late afternoons, which is when I typically raid the freezer for ice cream.  I also started to eat sweets for dessert in the evenings, pie or cookies, a totally unnecessary habit that I'd like to break.  Not that I don't want to ever have dessert again because that would be too restrictive and totally unrealistic. I just want it to be something special when I do have it.  The DASH diet can wait until I learn to overcome the temptation to snack mid-day and learn to control myself around desserts.

I've noticed that the mid day energy slump has returned, and I miss having the Tiger Blood that comes with eating clean foods all the time.  

Finally, my sleep has been great or not so great, depending on the night, or likely more specifically depending on what I ate the day or two before. I hope that this W30 experiment will help me to discover what is impacting my sleep quality. 

My healthy habit hacks have fallen aside. It's been too long since I've had boiled eggs or carrot & celery sticks on hand in the fridge, and my last homemade mayo went moldy.  With work being super busy this summer I have been neglecting keeping the kitchen tidy after every meal, which is an energy drain when I do get back into the kitchen. To have to clean the kitchen before I start to cook is just awful. 

So today, I will clean and organize my fridges and freezers again. I have already removed most of the junk food so its out of sight and not a temptation.  I will prepare veggie sticks and make some homemade mayo.  I will wash some romaine and boil some eggs. The kitchen will be kept clean and tidy and I will sharpen my knives.  I have a solid list of favourite Whole 30 meals that I rotate through regularly, and will prepare a full week's worth of meal plans including mostly Whole 30 for my family too.  I hope to find something to distract myself in the afternoon when I long for something sweet, maybe I'll take a walk or do some yoga.  As long as my dinner plan is made and cooking will be ready-to-go-easy, I think I will be ok.  I know I can do this because I've done it before.  I just gotta get strong and kick my Sugar Dragon til it's gone gone gone.  


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W30 R3 Saturday August 1, 2020

M1: 1 cup chopped kale pan fried in ghee with leftover sausage, 2 eggs over easy, 1 cup boiled yellow beans, 1 cup salted cantaloupe chunks

M2: 1 cup carrots sticks boiled, leftover Everything Bagel seasoned meatballs with leftover fried onions and white potato

M3: totally non Whole30 compliant wine, appetizers, dinner and dessert at friends' house but definitely what I needed for my mental health

NSV: I got my fridge in order and prepared some vegetables so they are ready to go this week, and I sharpened my knives.  It was a busy day just catching up with housework and laundry. My plan to get everything in order for Whole 30 was a bit too ambitious for one day, but I'm not worried, I can continue to work at it.  Baby steps are better than nothing.  

Plans for Sunday: Make mayo.  Boil eggs.  Prepare menu for the week.  Keep the kitchen clean and tidy.  It's Sunday - relax with a book for a few hours in the afternoon.

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2 minutes ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Baby steps are better than nothing.  

In matters of food preparation, work, and life in general, this is fantastically true. I'm glad you didn't hesitate to return to a food approach that works for you. Wishing you a joyful Sunday!

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W30 R3 Sunday August 2, 2020

M1: 1 egg fried w/ 2 tbsp bacon crumbles, 1/2 cup of salted cantaloupe

M2: favourite green salad (romaine, celery, cucumber, avocado, chicken, avocado oil & lemon juice, dried salad herbs)

Snack: non-compliant potato chips

Snack: non-compliant egg rolls with plum sauce

M3: l/o green salad (no chicken)

NSV: I didn't have any ice cream today :-)

NSV: I kept the kitchen clean and tidy all day, it feels good to have this under control again.

NSV: I know that I haven't finished a complete day of Whole30 on this round yet.  What I have done is complete two full days of eating better than I have been since mid June.

Plans for tomorrow: Civic holiday.  Meal plans and grocery shop.  Argggh I obviously hate to do the meal planning.  Also hoping to tidy up and re-organize the basement freezer and fridge.



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On 8/3/2020 at 11:34 AM, MadyVanilla said:

The NSVs are what keep us coming back! 

It's so true. Keeping a food log is one thing that works to help bring awareness, but writing down those NSV's are even bigger for me.  It helps me to see how eating is a whole-life thing, not just a tool for weight loss/gain. 

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W30 R3 Monday August 3, 2020

M1: kale, leftover potato-sausage-bacon hash, 2 eggs, ghee, cooked carrots

M2: shepherd's pie from the freezer

Snack: ice cream

Snack: Costco chocolate chip cookie

M3: zucchini noodles topped with ground beef and Kirkland marinara sauce

NSV: I find it easy to 'think Whole30' when planning a meal for myself

My energy was high until late in the afternoon.  DD17 and I had gone for pedicures, and the post-pedi waiting area at the spa was closed for CoVid so after pedis we went to McDonald's for iced coffee for her and a $1 cone for me (I don't drink coffee), because we had to wait for our nails to dry, and take out those rolls of paper they put between your toes when they paint them.  Then to Costco for groceries.  By the time I was home and unpacked, I was tired and hungry.  The cookie pack was there, just waiting for me to grab one. Those huge packages- its easy to take one, one won't ever be missed.  I had 1 1/2, would have eaten 2 but my dog licked the second cookie when he thought I wasn't looking.  Thank you Doggo.  Then my energy plummeted.  I made supper, it was the first time I made zoodles (so easy and the zucch was from our garden), tasted great but I had to lie down right after supper I could NOT keep my eyes open.  I slept for 2 hours. Totally unusual for me. Was it something in the cookies, or was it from the insomnia I had on Sunday night?  My mood was also low until after my sleep.  MY daughter had friends visiting, I felt even better after visiting with them.  There is nothing like 17 year old girls sharing their perspectives on life to make me feel better!  I also needed the company.  I am really feeling the isolation effects right now.  I may invite my daughter's moms over for a visit/small party some time soon, I guess we are all in the same social bubble now.  Its so hard for me to pick up the phone to get together with anyone right now (I wonder- are they too nervous about coVid, I don't want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable...), and so I remain lonely, and my mood fluctuates.  Not sure if its the poor food choices this summer or the effects of isolation.  I think a combo of both.  I do know that when I feel in a low mood I reach for the ice cream and cookies.

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W30 R3 Tuesday August 4, 2020

M1: 1 cup boiled yellow beans, 2 eggs fried in bacon crumbles and ghee, tea

Snack: cookies

Snack: ice cream

Snack: banana

M2: skipped! Yikes, I don't know if I've ever skipped a meal before.  Ever...

M3: shepherd's pie with onions, celery, garlic, kale, basil & oregano, ground beef, Kirkland marinara sauce, topped with mashed turnips and sweet potato

Snack: 1 Celebration chocolate dipped cookie with my tea

My belly feels happy after eating the shepherd's pie.  

NSV: I went to the gym today, the 1st time since closures, and I weighed in on the In-Body pod.  My readings were good.  I am down ten pounds since August 2019. Was 159 then, am 148.5 now, even after gaining weight since mid June.  My goal according to the pod is to lose 11.7 lbs of body fat. My muscle weight is down five pounds, something I want to reverse.  I began my first Whole 30 in September 2019.  The reason I am doing this trying to do this Whole30 is not to lose weight, although I want to, but it is to change the relationship I have with junk food.  I am making progress, although slow but I'm ok with that.  My progress needs to be permanent.

I had an IBS event this afternoon.  I have no idea what brought it on.  I didn't eat anything unusual, except cookies and ice cream, which has been almost standard daily fare for me this summer.  

My energy level and mood were both low this morning, but I felt much better all 'round after the event today.  Maybe I had a buildup of nastiness from too many cookies and ice cream, and once it was gone, I felt back to myself, with good energy and good mood.   

This is a junk food downward spiral I am in.  I feel low, I eat junk.  The junk keeps me feeling low so I eat more junk.  The junk tastes good, so I have trouble talking myself down when I grab more junk.  Then I feel awful so I eat more junk.  Sigh.  I know I can do this.  I know I can overcome the call of my Sugar Dragon.  Gagh, I just need to do it!

Goals for tomorrow:  meal plan, egg salad, prep romaine leaves, cut up more carrot sticks, maybe buy more celery if I'm near a grocery store, and try to be compliant.

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Reading through your posts I realize how right you are with what you wrote in my journal - we are not alone in this.  I would have to agree that spending time in the presence of teenagers is so refreshing!   

The shepherd's pie sounds delicious!  It's meals like that that are so filling and nourishing and just plain satisfying.   

Here's to meeting your goals, and if you don't letting it go and trying again.  The sugar dragon will be tamed!  

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5 hours ago, MadyVanilla said:

The shepherd's pie sounds delicious!  It's meals like that that are so filling and nourishing and just plain satisfying.   


Thanks!   Its become a weekly favourite, nom nom nom.

Its so easy and cheap and delish.  I'd be willing to bet that if you made a casserole of it and dropped it to your son's place you would win Mom of the week - just sayin'...

At 18, they still have hollow legs ;-)

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16 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Its so easy and cheap and delish.  I'd be willing to bet that if you made a casserole of it and dropped it to your son's place you would win Mom of the week - just sayin'...

At 18, they still have hollow legs ;-)

What an excellent idea!  :wub:


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W30 R3 Wednesday August 5, 2020

M1: shepherd's pie

Snack: handful of 5 cherry tomatoes fresh from my garden

M2: favourite green salad with avocado oil and lemon juice dressing

Snack: ice cream

M3: burger & fries - two Everything Bagel seasoned beef burger patties on top of garlic zucchini noodles, topped with caramelized onions, marinara sauce and plated with white potatoes boiled, drained then pan-fried in olive oil until crispy

Snack: ice cream

Argh - that ice cream.  I couldn't bring myself to throw it out, it was decadent.  170 calories per 1/2 cup.  I ate two cups of it today.  Sigh.  It's gone now.  I guess my Whole 30 starts tomorrow.  

Plan for tomorrow: Meal plan.  Boil eggs.  Make mayo.  Remain compliant.  I'm looking forward...

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