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Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

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Day 2 Tuesday August 18, 2020

M1: kale, prosciutto and sweet potato hash with green beans and 2 fried eggs, olive oil & ghee

M2: romaine salad with avocado, green grapes, mandarin sections, chicken, walnuts, Primal Kitchen green goddess dressing

M3: salted cucumbers slices to snack on while at the bbq, zucchini rounds, roasted white potatoes and bbq steak tenderloin, boiled carrots, olive oil

NSV: I didn't snack between meals, was craving a snack beginning mid afternoon but I powered through... and drank lots of water.

NSV: my energy has been a bit low lately, I've been feeling slow and my arms and legs were feeling heavy, but today I felt more energetic so:

  • I walked 3 x 30 minutes and
  • did an hour of strength training at the gym, and
  • spent a nice 20 minutes stretching at the end of the day.  I'm feeling a bit more like my normal self again.  Maybe it's the cooler weather or maybe it's the sugar ban, but whatever it is it feels great.  Looking forward to another compliant day tomorrow...
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Day 3 Wednesday August 19, 2020

M1: greens, eggs and ham, sweet potato

M2: l/o steak in romaine salad with tomatoes, avocado, fresh herbs, PK balsamic vinaigrette

M3: burger on a lettuce bun with onions, roasted white potatoes, green beans

NSV: I didn't snack between meals

NSV: I managed to get 3 x 30 minutes of walking in again today.  I'm stiff and sore but looking forward to being in better physical shape soon.  

I found my old FitBit and charged it up last night, then walked 16,674 steps today :).  My energy was a bit better today but my sleep last night was terrible - 5 hours 36 minutes.  I'm going to bed early tonight, and looking forward to another compliant day tomorrow.  

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Day 4 Thursday August 20, 2020

M1: greens, eggs and ham, again (the same thing 4 days straight)

M2: chicken vegetable soup from the freezer

M3: sweet potato, squash, carrots with basil and some cinnamon, pineapple spear, chicken breast done in the Instant Pot

NSV:  no cravings, no snacking today.  I had good energy and my FitBit Sleep Score last night was 87=Good.  

My hips and glutes are more than just a wee bit sore from so much walking these past few days.  I'll likely log another 16,000+ steps today, I've walked 2 x 30 minutes and plan to go out again soon.  I am anxious for the belly fat to drop again, my stomach feels big and solid right now.  Going through my log, I can expect results in at least another week or so and I'm hopeful that measurable and noticeable waist reduction will kick in by the 4th week of W30 for me.  I'm trying to accelerate it though, by walking lots.  I'm post menopausal, so I think that hormones are playing a huge part in my big belly problem.  I read that by eliminating snacking between meals, the hormones (especially insulin) work better, and help with waist reduction though I don't understand how yet.   I'm so pleased with myself that I haven't snacked between meals for two days in a row.  ^_^

I plan to go to bed a half hour early again tonight, unplug from tech and read a good book, lights out by ten.  I feel good today and I want to feel this way again tomorrow, so my re-do for tomorrow will mean going to bed early tonight, then tomorrow I'll be walking lots and eating whole30.  I also have another gym session booked tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to strength training again.  I love how I'm feeling today, thanks in great part to Whole30 guiding me to eat well.  


59 minutes ago, SchrodingersCat said:

Amazing job on the walking! I dug out my old fitbit, too and started wearing it - but I just noticed that it seems a bit dodgy and is only counting about half my steps. I'm trying to justify a replacement! 

@SchrodingersCat thanks!  Ugh it needs to count all of your steps LOL!  Did you try updating your FitBit yet?  I did mine today (its a Charge3), took the better part of an hour after I figured it all out, but it seems to be working fine now.  I'm looking forward to using it again, and crushing those active minutes and step goals.  Do you have a step goal?  

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8 minutes ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:



@SchrodingersCat thanks!  Ugh it needs to count all of your steps LOL!  Did you try updating your FitBit yet?  I did mine today (its a Charge3), took the better part of an hour after I figured it all out, but it seems to be working fine now.  I'm looking forward to using it again, and crushing those active minutes and step goals.  Do you have a step goal?  

Mines an old Charge 2 - I don't even know if they do updates anymore! It doesn't tell me I have any available.

My step goal was always 10k and I used to regularly go over, but now with working from home, and lockdown and only being allowed to leave the house for an hour a day to exercise, I've dropped it to 7500, and I'm planning on getting 30 minutes a day on the elliptial in as well. It's really quite motivating, I like this it buzzes me at 10 minutes to every hour and reminds me to get those last few steps - it makes me step away from the computer for a minute or 2!

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Day 5, Friday August 21, 2020

M1: greens, eggs and ham

M2: l/o roast chicken, fruit salad

Snack: banana

M3: tomato-vegetable soup with chicken

NSV: no cravings, mood is good, energy was a bit low due to having 2 hours of insomnia last night.  Sleep Score was 54 Poor.  I did lots of walking again today, went to the gym and stretched for 1/2 hour after.  I should be tired by bed time.  Hoping for a good sleep tonight.  


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Day 6, Saturday August 22, 2020

M1: summer turnip and sweet potato mash topped with sausage, fried kale and onions, 1 egg

M2: tomato-vegetable soup with chicken

M3: salted cucumber slices, green beans, summer turnip-white potato-sweet potato mash, bbq steak tenderloin

My mood and energy have been good all day, my sleep score last night was 89-Good, I didn't have any cravings & didn't snack between meals, and I walked 3 x 30+ minutes today and hope to get for another walk again before I go to bed to tire myself out completely.  A good day. ^_^

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Day 7, Sunday August 23, 2020

M1: root mash, green beans, leftover sausage, ghee

M2: favourite green salad with chicken and avocado

Snack: banana

Snack: pecan halves and dates

M3: l/o salad from lunch, steak, root mash, green beans and carrots

NSV: one week done and I'm very proud of my progress.  Cravings have been minimal to non-existent.  Dinner tonight was a bit disorganized, I cooked 3 separate meals, 2 junky ones (KD and Man-which - yuck!) for the family who wanted it - yes they chose that over re-heated steak and potatoes, but I was happy with my meal- so tasty and all leftovers except for the roots and veg which were easy to cook up.  I love to do the roots in the Instant Pot, I put them on first and they were done perfectly in good time.  

NSV: I love turnips.  I wouldn't be able to say that if it weren't for Whole30.  I shunned turnips before this. 

NSV: I picked up a few groceries today, and noticed that I hardly gave a glance at the junk foods, which is kinda difficult because that stuff is everywhere.  Half the battle is just keeping those sugary things out of the house in the first place.  

NSV: I feel a bit less bloated the past two days, my stomach feels more comfortable, more 'my size.'  It's worth noting that the ill effects of the ice cream binge on the weekend took a full week to wear off.  

The insomnia was back again last night, for 3 hours, from 3 - 6am.  Then I overslept until 8, ruining my opportunity to walk before the heat set in, and I felt so wonky this afternoon that I went back to bed for a nap thus ruining going to bed early for a good sleep tonight.  It's awful how sleeplessness can ruin the following day.  I hope that Whole30 will help.  I've eaten well for 7 days straight, and had insomnia twice during the week.  It's difficult to believe that insomnia can be caused by something I ate a week ago, but it took a week for my stomach to get back to normal, so maybe last weekend's binge did affect my sleep this week.  This is something to watch for in the future.

I walked over 20,000 steps yesterday, trying to make myself tired so I would sleep well but that didn't work.  Today I didn't walk much at all, feeling stiff and sore but also knowing that I needed a day to rest and recover.  

Day 7 - Done :)

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Day 8, Monday August 24, 2020

M1: raspberries, mash of turnip and potato, l/o green beans, fried kale, prosciutto and eggs in ghee

M2: salad with romaine, celery, avocado, chicken, walnuts, green grapes, green goddess dressing, strawberries

Snack: pecan-date sandwiches

M3: raspberries (I wasn't hungry for a proper dinner tonight, the pecans and dates filled me up)

A good day despite that I had insomnia again last night, but this time it began at 5:15 am so I just got up at 5:45 with only 4 hrs 43 minutes sleep.  Sleep score 74 Fair.  Strangely though today I didn't feel like I didn't get enough sleep last night. I didn't have a mid day energy slump or general grogginess at all today.     

Day 8 - done. 


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I'm so inspired that you are on Day 9!  I've been away, partying it up (:wacko:), and had promised myself all along that today would start a new W30.  I'm dragging my feet, but I made it back to the forum.  Reading about your meals and NSVs is so encouraging.  

Yay on acquiring all the steps!  

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Day 9, Tuesday August 25, 2020

M1: green beans and almonds, hash of sweet potato, kale and prosciutto, 2 eggs

Snack: apple Larabar

M2: l/o sweet potatoes, l/o steak, carrots and green beans

M3: roast beef tenderloin, white potatoes roasted in olive oil, green beans, cob of corn, ghee

I know corn is off plan, but I'm allowing it for myself.  It's in season, and the corn stand is close by.  I personally know the growers, and I know the corn is picked same day.  It's sooo good.  I will have it occasionally and it's the only corn I will eat right now.  I'm 99.9% certain it doesn't affect me in any negative way.

Morning craving:  coffee, not to drink it because my body doesn't like it, but to hold a warm mug of that warmly bitter, aromatic liquid and simply savour it.  But being unable to drink it just seems to kill the happy coffee vibe for me this morning.  Since I quit coffee years ago, I haven't really missed it, I continued to always enjoy the aroma, but today - I just want a cuppa.

After lunch craving:  something sweet.  I'm glad I don't have any cookies or chocolate bars stashed in the house.

I ended up having tea in the afternoon, just a half cup, even though I'm trying to give it up too because I've started to run and the caffeine irritates my bladder.  I will need to find an acceptable substitute for it.  I'll have apple cider next time I feel the need to sit with a warm mug filled with a good drink.  The talk here on the forum about doing c25k has got me trying it too!

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Yogi brand has an Egyptian Licorice tea that is caffeine-free and delicious.  It has a sweetness to it that I can't access unless my diet is free of sugars (if that makes sense).  Apple cider sounds yummy, too.  I;m looking forward to fall - these hot, muggy days are endless...

I signed up/paid for a virtual 5K in October - so I MUST train!  I don't mind the first few weeks 60 -90 secs of running at a time on the c25k.  I'm glad you are doing it to!  

The corn...there is such a difference between corn chips and locally-sourced in-season corn-on-the-cob.  It's surprising that corn wouldn't fall into the same category as potatoes.  I'm pretty sure I could come up with a compliant Mexican street corn dish!   

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Day 12, Friday August 28, 2020

I haven't posted in a few days (I tried on Day 10 but my computer gave out as I was submitting my reply) but I've stayed on Whole 30.  My meals have been same old, same old, and I'm ok with that.

Cravings: this afternoon I was a bit rushed for lunch, and rather than prepare a meal what I really wanted was to grab a quick bowl of cereal.  I'm glad I didn't.  I made a salad and felt much better than if I'd had cereal with milk, which was my standard rushed lunch for years.

With the cooler weather lately I've been walking a lot, and I went to the gym today too.  I've noticed that my appetite has increased a bit.  Yay - I get to eat even more food!  

Today I cheated and weighed myself at the gym.  I debated weighing in, but decided to go for it because the InBody pod scans more than just weight.  I wanted to know if I had lost any fat weight.  As it turns out, I lost some fat and gained some muscle.  Not bad for just under 4 weeks.  My personal trainer has been telling me for years to stop thinking about losing weight, rather consider losing fat and gaining muscle.  I guess I'm a slow learner LOL!  I am pleased with the new numbers, and credit the wholesome food I'm eating on Whole30 plus my new intentional walking, aiming for 15,000+ steps most days.  I don't plan to weigh in again until after Day 30.   

I'm finding it fairly easy to remain compliant.  I have a selection of meals that I like and can make quickly, and my family has been eating more Whole30 meals too, they just don't know it.  This evening H has gone out for errands and a fast food dinner, I had no trouble saying no that I didn't want to go along.  Occasionally I miss the junky stuff, but I get over it.   

Sleep:  I've been sleeping better, my FitBit Sleep Score was 80+ (Good) for the past four nights.  It may be W30 or maybe the extra exercise, or a combo of both.  

I had chocolate a couple of days ago!  It was in an Rx bar, oh it was a nice treat.  No sugar, just egg whites, fruit, nuts and chocolate wrapped up in 209 calories.  It was a special treat for myself after spending fifteen minutes walking up and down a toboggan hill in the city.  Totally planned.  I won't make these things a habit, but it did feel good to have a 'bar' that was tasty and good for me too.  

Plan for the weekend: I am out of frozen meals, so make some W30 single serve meals to stash away in the freezer.  I also need to focus on Whole30 a bit more, and plan out some more meals/groceries.  I may not be able to withstand cravings if I don't have any compliant food on hand.

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Day 13, Saturday August 29, 2020

Another compliant day.  I had three good meals and two snacks - a cup of salted cantaloupe and a fat tablespoon of cashews about an hour later.  A wee mistake, forgetting to eat both at the same time because fruit alone is not a complete snack.  
I also slept well, got in 20,000 steps and plan to walk again before bed.  My mood and energy have been good.  I wondered today if Tiger Blood has set in, but if I have to question it, then it’s not Tiger Blood.  It will set in soon, I just need to stay this course. 

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@MadyVanilla thanks for the tea suggestion, I will be on the hunt for warm drinks that I can have.  I considered kombucha today, but it had an herbal tea base (low caffeine) so I didn’t buy it.  I’ve never really been a fan of herbal tea, but I’ve got an open mind to trying new brands and different flavours.  The sweet licorice flavour is likely from the herb called sweet cicely, something I’d never heard of before this spring.  It has a mild and sweet licorice taste.  I have some growing in my garden but it didn’t do well.  It currently has one lonely fern.  Which may be enough for one cup of tea...

I’ll be watching your log for your 5k progress, cheering you on. I haven’t started yet.  My original plan was to lose 5 lbs first, and I’m down 1.5 so I hope to reach my goal in about 2-3 weeks and I’ll start the c25k then, or whenever I reach my weight loss goal.  I’m searching now for the best app to use, my Fitbit doesn’t link with the running app.  

Interesting that you noted the difference between corn on the cob and corn chips.  Whole food vs processed food.  Corn sneaks into processed foods in lots of ways.  I will be avoiding all that, but I’m enjoying fresh corn now while it’s in season.  I’m not a W30 newbie, so I’m changing the rules a bit with wholesome intentions and I think that’s ok. At least it’s ok with me.  

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Day 16, Tuesday September 1, 2020

Over half way!  I've been remaining compliant but today is a difficult day.  My sleep wasn't great last night, that's probably it. I'm feeling lots of cravings for anything sweet.  I have been eating so much today, morning snacks (fruit, nuts, raisins & dates), and afternoon snacks (more fruit & nuts, plus some apple cider) in addition to my big meals.  I'm feeling a bit hungrier than usual because of all the walking I'm doing, averaging over 17,000 steps for the past week, but I'm definitely eating more than I need to.  It's just a blah feeling I have, and an old habit, to eat.  I'm also feeling the drag of needing to be in the kitchen so much.  What to cook?  If it were only me it would be easy.  Maybe I'll order pizza in or cook something from a box for the family tonight, and make myself something compliant, or eat my leftover spaghetti squash with meat and marinara sauce tonight.  Whatever happens, I plan to stick with the plan.  I'm coveting full time Tiger Blood...

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Day 18, Thursday September 3, 2020

I'm feeling good.  Mood is good, energy is good, cravings are minimal.  Last night I had insomnia again, it probably has less to do with what I'm eating and more to do with the stage I'm at in my life.  Ugh.  Hot flashes and insomnia.  But I'm happy to be where I'm at, which imo shows that I have a mature mind set to go with my greying hair and the other stuff I have going on!

I'm getting a little bored with my meals, and don't really care to spend time flipping through cookbooks.  I'll figure something out.  

The temptation to go to the gym and weigh myself is strong, except that I think I will be disappointed with the numbers.  I have been walking and eating LOTS.  My appetite has been strong but I've remained compliant.  Yesterday I had 3 meals and no snacks, so a big win for me there.  I increased the amount of walking I try to do every day, a one hour-long power walk by myself either very early or very late in the day, at least two 30 minute walks with the dog, and then another one or two ~10 minute walks throughout the day.  My legs are still sore from so much walking but they are getting better.  I'm a bit angry for letting myself go when things shut down in March.  I was in good shape back then, very flexible and strong, but since I got back into exercising at the beginning of August I haven't regained yet what I lost over the five months that I did next to nothing.  

My sister and niece are coming to stay with us this weekend.  I'm planning to stick with Whole30.  It's a bit disappointing about not having wine, I rarely have an opportunity to stay up late with good company, drink a glass or two and not have to drive home afterwards.  But I plan to pick up more sparkling water and enjoy the visit without destroying any brain cells.  

Plan for today: salad for lunch, dinner - has to be something quick - maybe a rotisserie chicken without the skin? I wish for a canned gravy that is compliant...

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I broke my Whole 30 last night.  We had some shopping to do and I was wanting to go out for fish and chips, halibut battered and fried with french fries and cole slaw and a dill pickle.  It tasted delicious.  I didn't have anything other than water to drink and I didn't get dessert.  My stomach was a bit sore this morning, at 4am when I had insomnia again.  I think it was from eating all of the huge stack of fries that came with the fish.  I was hungry and the pieces of fish were smaller than usual and the plate was then stuffed with fries to make it appear to be worth the hefty $28, a big disappointment for me because I don't go out often to eat.  But I get it with the cutbacks, restaurants have to make a profit, and I want this place to survive the pandemic so I can go back again, about twice a year.  I shouldn't have eaten all the fries though.  I really need to embrace cooking fish at home, battered and fried in my deep fryer.  I don't really care for fish any other way.  

I'm not too disappointed with myself right now.  I shopped today and loaded up on fruits and vegetables, healthy meats, and some cheese, crackers and deli meats to enjoy a charcuterie board with the girls tomorrow night.  I will probably have wine then too.  The thing is, I have meals planned that are Whole30, so I'm looking at this as an interlude.  I'm not going crazy with junky food, but seeing my sister and niece is a rare occasion this year, heck having company hasn't happened much at all this year, and I need I really want this wayfare down memory lane and into deep conversation with a few good laughs this weekend.  I hope for the strength to have self control at the buffet that is my fridge right now.

M1: greens, eggs and ham

M2: butternut squash soup with chicken, a small serving of walnuts, a cup of fresh mixed berries

plan for M3: either bbq steak or chicken with roasted root vegetables

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Monday September 7

Whole30 meals have become habit for me to fall back on.  Even though I'm not on W30 now, I continue to be careful and thoughtful about what I'm eating - most of the time.  This weekend I had 1/2 bagel and cream cheese with jam, some wheat crackers and cheese and deli cuts, wine, and some pecan pie flavoured mixed nuts and chocolate covered almonds.  I probably ate too much of all of it, but definitely not as much as I would have before having the awareness that eating W30 has brought.  I also had one slice of pizza with olives (a first for me - I would have picked them off before but I've come to be open to trying new foods and I liked them!), one piece of pizza was enough although it never was before, and one bowl (1 cup only) of moose tracks ice cream.  Yes, I splurged this weekend, but I also ate compliant meals which were delicious as always.  I know that I crave vegetables now, and missed them when having the bagel breakfasts.  I was very tired today, had insomnia last night after staying up late and having a good day yesterday of mountain hiking.   I will continue to try to eat Whole30 most of the time going forward, especially with two family birthdays coming up this month, and praying that I won't go off the rails on a sugar and carb free-fall.  I do believe that my body has switched to using fat for energy, and I don't want to lose that progress.  

Insights from what I ate this weekend:  I wasn't feeling sick from the wheat or the dairy, although a bit bloated today.  I think that I can easily tolerate both but in small measure only.  There is almost a full tub of ice cream in my freezer, which I will save and serve with birthday cake this week.  There is still lots of cheese, crackers, salamis, nuts and wine leftover, so I'm hoping to have some friends in for another charcuterie board and wine night, hopefully Thursday night before the meat goes off.  

My fridge is still well stocked with fall vegetables, and I'm planning to eat veggie-centric meals this week.  Spaghetti squash, corn on the cob, roasted beets and steamed beet greens, turnips, white and red potatoes, sweet potatoes, green curly kale and a big head of romaine lettuce.  I'm looking forward to all of it!

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Tuesday September 8

M1: kale & prosciutto, 2 eggs, green beans, sweet potato, ghee

M2: butternut squash soup (compliant from Costco) and chicken, a few pieces of leftover salami

Snack: ice cream and nuts

M3: white potatoes & onions, cob of corn, beet greens, butter & canola oil,  non compliant ribs, and another cup of ice cream, and then another

I said I wouldn't touch it, but I did.  I don't have good self control around ice cream.  If its in the house...   and now I'm angry with myself.  I want to feel better, I want to lose my belly flab, I want to be successful with this change from eating a sugary and high carb diet to eating lower carb and healthy foods.  When what I do is not a reflection of what I want to be doing, I feel... unbalanced?  Yes - like I just went on a wild ride and I'm stumbling unable to get my footing, and definitely disappointed.  So, what to do?  The ice cream will either be finished off after dinner tomorrow night, or what doesn't get eaten will be thrown out.  It's just not worth it to me.  Better to go out occasionally for ice cream than to have a tub of it in the house.  I will also continue to eat healthy and W30 balanced meals as much as possible.  The opportunity to do proper reintroductions has passed, so I'll need to begin another W30 again sometime in the future.  Ugggh.  Obviously the biggest problem for me is a lack of self control.  Even if I were to finish a Whole30 and then do the reintros, would that be enough to fix this problem?  Or am I looking at living out my life battling myself while alternating between practicing mindful eating and going on a junk food binge?  As much as I want to believe I could eat W30 forever because I love how I feel when I'm doing it, I just don't believe it's practical.  GRRR.  Why am I the one who is holding myself back from achieving my own goals?

Tomorrow is my son's birthday.  The vote now is to go out to dinner.  He still wants me to bake a cake too, which means I'll be tempted to eat the leftovers.  I said no.  Enough already. 

I feel awful.  My stomach is not happy.  It's expanding from the bloat.   I wish I could take a pill to make myself feel better.  I feel stupid.  Note to future Shadow...  too much ice cream makes you feel sick.  

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