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Why Whole30? After years of thyroiditis/chronic fatigue, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. And I have a horse I can't ride. Also, 5lbs to lose that won't come off without cleaning up my diet (note: can't really exercise much). I lost them when I ate Wheat Thins for 3 weeks when I reacted horribly to a fibro medication, but 6lbs came back...

The trick: I am veggie (I really don't like meat, so please no arguments here) aside from fish. Also, low blood sugar.

I am pretty good about eating decently (rarely drink soda, avoid a lot of things) but the sugar monster has been creeping on me for a while.

So... attempting Whole30 as veggie+fish+tofu. I might have to figure out what the cleanest/lowest glycemic grain is to add in small amounts to keep my blood sugar stable or my doc will have my hide, probably. I'll see how things balance out.

Doing this with my boyfriend, though I'm doing basically all the cooking.


Guzzling regularly: plain Tazo Zen tea (ingredients: green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint, lemongrass), water. I'm wearing my legs out with trips to the bathroom.

1/5 Pre-game dinner: Stir-fried tofu with cabbage and onion with homemade coconut curry; half a baked sweet potato.

1/6 Lunch (slept in so no breakfast): out! mixed green salad with seared ahi, sweet potato fries.

1/6 Dinner: Sweet potato hash with mushrooms and onions, avocado toad in a hole

1/6 dessert: baby coconut (water and coconut), shared; blackberries

1/7 Breakfast: leftover sweet potato hash with scrambled eggs

1/7 Lunch: Bit of leftover tofu with egg salad with avocado in cabbage leaves

Snack: almonds

1/7 Dinner: Onion, carrot, celery soup with lots of broth (no protein... bad I know...)

1/8 Breakfast: fried egg with avocado, small orange

Snack: a few blackberries, a few almonds

1/8 Lunch: cauliflower and carrot puree, fried egg with avocado

1/7 was sugar hangover day. Today (1/8) I'm doing OK but feeling the aches big time. More tea...

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Continuing logging...

1/8 Dinner: egg, baked sweet potato, and I swiped a bit of my boyfriend's chicken. After much reading I'm thinking I will try to add poultry in, if only for the whole30. If it helps, I might continue it. I've been veggie for over 10 years but am willing to go back to limited poultry eating if it will give me my life back.

1/9 breakfast: eggs with wilted greens courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. Really bad fibro pain day... 10am and I'm still in bed, really I can barely get up. Joints are just toast.

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1/9 lunch and dinner: mixed greens salad with green beans and fish.

1/10 breakfast: small baked sweet potato, hard boiled egg.

lunch: arugula salad with EVOO, balsamic, lemon pepper and apple chunks (super good!)

snack: ...more arugula salad... and a hardboiled egg

dinner: I fudged with a tiny bit of rice, I admit. california rolls, salad, edamame, miso (I am not cutting out soy really as I am eating tofu). ((japanese tends to be a serious feel-good cuisine for me as long as I avoid stuff like teriyaki and tempura.))

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