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I’ve recently come across coffee smoothies that are tagged as Whole30 compliant but I really don’t think they are. Basically you take coffee, ice, banana, nut milk, vanilla and cocoa then blend it together. Would this be an acceptable coffee alternative?

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This sounds very much like a coffee milkshake type thing which with none of the ingredients being against the rules would likely not serve you well in your program.

I'd leave it off and try it as a special occasion item... I wouldn't think of it as a 'coffee alternative' to have every day

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This ^^^ Bloggers, instagrammers etc put "Whole30" in there to get hits, and often the ingredients are compliant (sometimes not) but huge amounts of time they display no knowledge of the actual rules. I read a blog the other day that was 20 breakfast ideas for W30, and 14 of them were SWYPO or didn't fit the template.

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10 hours ago, rachelmaria33 said:

Searched for Whole30 recipes on pinterest today and found a whole 30 berry crisp.  So sick of this .  Call it paleo if you want but not only is desert not allowed, but it also had vanilla in it.  boo!

Vanilla is ok now, apparently! recent rule change! But yeah, totally agree with you that it's so frustrating. 

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