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I'm starting my second whole 30 just to have food freedom and eat cleaner during quarantine. I notice that sometimes I am hungry even at night or midday.  It is impossible for me to eat yet more chicken. I have been snacking on almonds which I did in my first whole 30.  But I am wondering if I should be having fruit instead? I didn't lose weight ( I know this isn't a diet ) but I continue to be a little thick and wonder if I'm going to eat extra if fruit or sweet potatoes are better bec less fat  

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Generally, we recommend having a mini meal between meals if you are hungry, something with a little protein, a little fat, and some carbs, or at least two of the three. So an egg, some mayo or ranch dressing, and some carrots or celery. Or some chicken, some olives, and whatever veggies you have left over from a previous meal. Or make meatballs or egg muffins and keep some in the freezer so you can grab one or two and heat them up when you're hungry -- you can make either of these include vegetables so they'd be fine on their own or with some extra fat.

We really don't recommend fruit on its own because it can cause a spike and drop in blood sugar that can lead to feeling sluggish or hungry. 

If your meals are not keeping  you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time, you probably need to change something about them. Be sure you're including a serving or two of fat in addition to oil you cook in. Aim for 2-3 cups of vegetables at each meal. If you're not already, try having a fist-sized serving of a starchy vegetable once a day (more is fine, especially if you're very active or prone to depression or anxiety, but most people seem to do well with a serving each day). 

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Thanks so much for your response  I thought excessive fat would be causing weight gain but I guess Excessive fruit would be worse 

protein is not always doable due to My burn out of chicken and eggs! But I guess a small piece of fruit with a "few" almonds would work.?  I wish there was a compliant yogurt :)

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