Help! What to do with frozen avocado?

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I bought too much avocado, so froze some when it got too soft.  I’m an avocado newbie, I never ate it until my first whole 30 last fall and I’ve learned to love it sliced onto my salads.  

I buy Wholly Guacomole, which suits me perfectly.  I really don’t want to make my own guacamole.  I’m looking for other suggestions.  Any ideas/recipes are welcome...

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I have never used frozen, but I love to put taco toppings on a baked sweet potato and would definitely add some chopped avocado to that!  I often eat a half avocado on it's own next to my eggs and veg in the morning, just sprinkle with salt!  I made the other day, totally forgot to add avocado, but I bet it would have been amazing.  The soup itself was pretty good, a nice change from what I'd been eating.

Nothing too fancy there, but maybe it'll spark and idea.  :)

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Oh I’ll try it mixed in with taco toppings, I think I’d like that.  I’m reading the whole 30 protein salad recipe rn, it says you can use mashed avocado for a creamy base, so I’m going to try that too.
I don’t like coconut milk so I can’t do the white chilli.  

Thanks a bunch for the suggestions!


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I wonder if you could use some mashed avocado and almond milk in recipes that call for coconut milk.  It would still give them the fat and creaminess of the coconut cream?  I made this breakfast bake  and it was such a nice change to eggs and veg.  I think with the pumpkin and spices you won't taste avocado.. Just a thought.

Glad you are finding some recipes! 


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Another great idea!  I’ll experiment with the avocado and almond milk.  
That breakfast bake looks delish.  I’ll just make it a bit spicier to hide the avocado.   Canned pumpkin is going on my grocery list. 
I'm only on Day 7 and starting to get food boredom, and the pumpkin bake is totally different from anything I usually have, so I’m looking forward to trying it. 
Thanks again for the suggestions. 


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