Anyone have dizziness (like vertigo) in the 1st week?

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I’ve been experiencing dizziness all week. I started whole30 on Monday so this is day 6.  Day 3 I woke up dizzy and my head was spinning when I closed my eyes.  After sitting for a few minutes before I got up, I felt better but when I tippped my head upside down to dry my hair I nearly feel over and had to quickly grab for the ground and sit until it passed.  Since then if I make any sudden head movements I feel like I’m going to fall over.  Today I woke up dizzy again but it’s much worse and hasn’t gone away for 6.5 hours.  I’ve never had vertigo but hearing it explained that’s what it feels like.  When I stand to walk it’s as if I just got off a spinning carnival ride and need to steady myself and grab hold of something stationary before stepping forward.  I search the forum for dizziness but none of the other comments seem to relate to me.  We have more salt I our diet now than we used to and we don’t eat lots of processed foods. I feel great otherwise and have been eating 3 good meals a day.  

thank you for your advice,


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This is really something you probably should check in with your doctor about, no one here can give you medical advice. It's certainly strange that it happened when you started whole30, but there's not anything about whole30 that ought to cause this, especially if it's not a huge change from how you were eating before. 

Food wise, make sure you're eating enough and that you're drinking plenty of water.  You might Google vertigo, I think there's an exercise that helps some people with it, though it may depend on what is actually causing it as to whether it helps or not.

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