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Really struggling with Meat Eating, where to from here?

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Hey there

It's Day 30 of my second Whole30 (1st was about 8 years ago) and I feel pretty fantastic.  I'm not ready to go back for a while though as I'm only just now feeling the good effects - so heading for a Whole 45 or 60.

Anyway, I'm reaching out because I have this ongoing dilemna. I've been a crappy vegetarian for a couple of years, not strictly vego but for the most part.  Thing is, my body has suffered terribly and every kind of vegetable based protein seems to send my gut to inflamo-town.  At the start of this Whole30 I felt terrible - exhausted, sick and depressed - not so anymore!  Great, right?  Well....

Thing is, I absolutely hate eating animals and I've sucked it up as an experiment for the last month, sadly (for the animals) it's worked.  We have such poor practices when it comes to humanely killing them here.  I know I could buy ethically raised animails, but that does not mean ethically killed (or if there is even a thing).  What do I do here?  It's a physical versus ethical dilemna and I cannot seem to find a pathway.

Looking for advice and suggestions, how do I maintain a Whole30 lifestyle without compromise while also choosing not to eat meat?

Thanks heaps xx





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Hi, I feel the same way! 

I just finished my first W30 and now on day 13 of the slow speed reintroduction.

I started eating chicken a few months ago after a 10 year vegetarian stint, and ate a lottt of chicken during my Whole30 month. I feel great physically (energised, FULL after meals) but the excessive chicken in my diet doesn’t feel right mentally. Interested in the advice too!

Good luck with your next 15-30 days!

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Do you have access to wild game?  Maybe the standard meat that is raised to kill is hard ethically, but would it be less of a struggle if the animal was hunted?  I know that's still a shot and sudden stop to life, but if the animal was at least born in nature and allowed to live in a natural setting could that make a difference?  I don't know. I am not a vegetarian. I do try to buy grass fed beef and farm fresh eggs, and feel good about those options.  My son and father in law hunt so a lot of our meat is wild game.  I like it from the aspect of eating meat from an animal that has eaten it's natural diet, but I wonder if these considerations could make a difference?


Best of luck on reconciling what your body seems to thrive on with what your heart and mind tell you!


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