Ready for R1!! Start 5/24

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Hi everyone!

A coworker of mine mentioned a few weeks ago that she had just finished the Whole 30 and was feeling really good. Out of curiosity and a need for change I was reading through different diets and decided to look into it. I was very happy to see that it wasnt a weight loss diet focused thing but a feel good and get healthy kind of thing. I suffer from inflammatory arthritis (similar to RA) and a fibro mix. I have a myriad of other health issues and among other things I am a BIG girl :) So Im confident that any change in my diet will be extremely beneficial on all fronts. 

Because of the constant joint inflammation and migraines and stomach stuff and seasonal allergies and all that other fun stuff I feel that a reduction diet like this is a fantastic option so that I can figure out a way to reduce my pain and avoid the things that are obviously messing with me. I have been off my immune suppressants all year due to the coronavirus and my job in the hospital - seemed like a bad idea to be pumping massive doses of an immune suppressant when there was a mystery illness on the loose. This means that every day I am kind of just dealing with it.

My food choices right now are very poor. I have lots of fatigue and sleep alot on my days off. And it has essentially turned into a massive cycle of unproductivity , feeling bad, and making poor choices. And I am ready for a change. I am ready to be healthy, feel better, live my best life <--- oh yeah!

Sorry I realize that post was kind of just riddled with complaints LOL. I originally was planning on starting June 1 because I like starting at the beginning of months - it feels so much like more official - or something. But after following the forums for the last week pretty closely, Ive realized I was just finding an excuse to put off starting by waiting till the 1st. I spent the last week and this upcoming week on preparing mentally and really driving home my reasons for wanting/needing to make this change and I am hoping that will help steel my resolve throughout the month.

So Im rereading the whole 30 book and meal planning/grocery shopping this week and  Sunday will be my first day off from my work week so it seems like a great time to get started! 

happy thoughts to everyone starting, going, or thinking about starting! Can't wait to finally get out of some of these bad habits and slay my massive sugar dragon - like im sure its a herd of dragons (do dragons travel in herds?). Need to chop these heads off.

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The kombucha was a life saver! I haven’t had any issues since. So far, I am doing well. When my sugar cravings start, I eat a mango or some other fruit. That helps! 

my tummy is bloated but I am blaming this on that time of the month. 

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I have been doing well considering all things that may have normally caused me to emotionally eat (pandemic and living in Minneapolis during the riots #GeorgeFloyd).

I remember seeing the calendar that gives a breakdown of how you are expected to feel day by day. I will search for that again so I can level set expectations. My biggest challenge is my sweet tooth, so that is what I have had to modify. I am learning to substitute fruit for candy. Please pray that I can maintain for 3 more weeks. The struggle is real.

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