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Today is day 8 and I am doing surprisingly well now. I know a few days ago - I WAS NOT LOL. Ive finally begun to realize what hungry actually feels like (and I dont like it) and I know i need to work on my meal templates and get my meals more fulfilling.

@hedegi it seems right now the timeline is sped up for me and things are happening a lil sooner than "average" but i guess that doesnt really mean much since it obviously varies from person to person lol

Good job everyone! Full speed ahead

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I currently do not have an appetite so it makes eating a challenge.  However, I my sugar cravings have not been as strong. I started intensive cardio so I am guessing this will kick up my appetite, also.

I haven't been keeping track of the days so that tells me that the diet hasn't been that much different from how I normally eat. I just have to be mindful of the condiments. I went to Target yesterday to purchase some Primal Kitchen products. The steak sauce was better than I expected.  Next, I will try the BBQ sauce. Has anyone been using their condiments this round?

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@Thais Mazzetti wow! Thanks for the count! I didn’t even realize we are at day 15. It’s amazing that I still have sugar cravings but they aren’t dominant. As in, I can calm the monster down with fruit yet I am excited to be able to eat sugar again after 30 days. It lets me know how addicted to sugar I am. Like the people who go into rehab and then relapse...

today, I made salmon patties. They were good and a much needed change from the ordinary. I have since purchased the steak sauce and bbq sauce from primal kitchen. They were both pretty good. There are lots of things I want to continue after 30 days. 

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Guys! We did it.

In total, I have lost 8lbs. Not surprising because it wasn’t too far fetched from how I eat normally. Being quarantined made Whole30 manageable with less temptations. I honestly don’t see myself doing this again but there are lots that I plan to incorporate moving forward such as making my own mayonnaise and utilizing all the Primal Kitchen sauces and dressings.

My sweet tooth cravings are still present but not as strong as before. I plan to reintroduce with dairy first because I have been wanting a seafood boil and I already know the sauce is laced in butter. 

thank you all for being with me on this journey! 

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