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Day 3 - good so far but ugh the cravings god the cravings


Snack - pickles after my M3 yesterday

M1 - eggs and bacon and peas

M2 - tuna with broccoli and cauliflower

M3 - steak - tried to eat some veggies but i couldnt even get them down

I do have gastroparesis but it flares up super randomly. The thing I have noticed the most about it is that I can't always tell when ive gotten full. Instead ill be eating something and suddenly ill just spit it out because I my body is like DONT LET IT GO DOWN. Well by M2 i ate some veggies but then my body was just done with them. I tried again at dinner and the same thing happened but I havent been feeling hungry at all so Im thinking maybe I just need to wait for things to balance back out due to the sudden influx of veggies over the last few days.

NSV - My fatigue wasnt near as bad today as it has been. It makes me so excited. My energy levels are higher and I actually get up to do some stuff because i dont feel so weighed down. My ankles are also not so swollen and im not bloated.

But day 3 is still early enough that my brain is starting to try and beg and bargain on an amazing level. Come on girl, just order some cheesy fries and might as well get a milkshake if youre gonna be bad and you're only on day 3 so you could just easily start day 1 over again after scratching that itch. Shouldn't matter. UGH

My lower back has started hurting and its not really letting up. And when I hurt the gut reaction is to eat to try and make me feel better. And I know it wont make the pain better but it makes me feel better about being in pain if Im eating something delicious and amazing - like cheesy fries and a milkshake. 

Did i mention i really want some delicious cheesy fries with bacon bits?

Think im gonna eat another pickle. 

I can do this - i need this, i deserve this. I will feel better and I will be healthier and my body wont hate me. Maybe ill just go to bed soon so I can sleep the cravings away - because its been much longer than 5 mins. 

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So yesterday on day 4 I was up from 10am till today at 10 am. Not on purpose but a random storm blew and knocked the power out during the time I would normally nap before work on the switch back from my days off.

I know I didn't eat enough but I'm annoyed at everyone and I'm not hungry. Nothing sounds appetizing and I'm not really get hungry at all.

M1 eggs and bacon 

M2 I didnt want anything so I had something delivered from snap kitchen that would be different than what I make at home. Got the chicken and fried riced broccoli- ate like half of it

M3 baked potato with clarified butter and tuna

At work ate a fruit cup with honeydew, cantaloupe, and some grapes

M4 at 9 am today ate some broccoli and peas

It's hard to eat when you dont feel like eating at all. I can feel the difference from not eating though but my appetite is just gone. Went grocery shopping and got some things for some recipes I think look delicious so maybe that will help.

My energy levels are definitely higher i can feel that difference for sure.  Some of my joint pain has also gone down in places. 

Was going to post at work last night but it was soooooo busy ugh.

Btw the baked potato was freakin amazing i felt happy eating it so I think maybe I should embrace that and get some potatoes in my meals until my appetite balances back out. 

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@Brewer5 so far so good 

Another day starting for me now at 7pm lol though I guess technically I'm already almost done with day 5! The counting balances back out on my days off lol

I'm committed to my health

Still thinking about cheesy fries and frosted flakes but I'm sure it'll pass eventually 

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So I know I was saying I'm not hungry at all but I dont think that's necessarily true. I just noticed that I get a deep uh uncomfortable twinge in my stomach. You would think I would know what hungry feels like but I'm used to eating when I'm hungry and used to eating as a down time activity. And that type of hungry just felt different lol

I feel stupid for not being sure ha

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1 hour ago, Blueautumn said:

Btw the baked potato was freakin amazing i felt happy eating it so I think maybe I should embrace that and get some potatoes in my meals until my appetite balances back out. 

yes!  eat it every day or every other day if you can until you find your groove, or heck just keep eating it for as long as you want!


1 hour ago, Blueautumn said:

ou would think I would know what hungry feels like but

Its part of the process.  You are tuning in to yourself, it happens gradually so embrace it!  This is another victory, something to feel proud about, not a negative thing at all.

Keep going, you're doing awesome!

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Day 5 may 28

M1 Baked potato and clarified butter

M2 tuna apple and someone had some k4ttle baked potato chips which I crushed in wyth the tuna because I'm starting to hate tuna

M3 potato with clarified butter and bacon

So I know this looks super redundant- at the moment I'm super tired of food and just like blah. I was hungry this morning about 6 hours after I ate the tuna so that's good but I got full quickly and didnt finish it.

I also do a 17 hr shift today so I'm already awake after 5 hours and am not hungry yet

The chips while I know they arent in the spirit- they had potatoes sunflower oil and salt- chips arent a trigger food for me (except pringles make me want soda bad) and I didnt eat them like chips.

Work gave us Jason's deli sandwich boxes with a croissant chicken salad sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, and chips and a pickle. So took the chips and I crumbled them into some tuna (I really need to make tuna salad) to make it different. Gave the rest of the box to my hubby and roommate.

Also had the second potatoe because I baked multiple and it was in the fridge. I did find some recipes to try out this week so maybe that will renew my interest in food. Trying right now just to get the calories in.

I feel tired but like physically not mentally so that's a plus. My skin is overall clearing up but I'm still having small breakouts around my mask area because masks are hot and wet so I'm gonna blame that.


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Mid day 6 

And its finally hitting hard. I feel like my brain and my body are fighting a war for what should be eaten. All the food I should be eating sounds massively unappealing and I can only think about things like cheesy fries.

I'm so nauseous right now and I know its cause I've barely eaten any protein in the last 16 hours and I'm hungry but I just smelled cauliflower and wanted to puke. I threw it in the trash. Goal is to get down this chicken.

I'm gonna have to revamp my entire menu tomorrow to try and find something quickly that diesnt just make me go - nope 

I bet I could get down cheesy bacon potato wedges from jack in the box though.

And a sunkist 

I felt like this was going relatively okay especially since I wasnt having sugar cravings but today was like SURPRISE JUST CAVE AND START OVER ON MONDAY


Okay time to tackle this chicken from snapkitchen

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@Blueautumn How was the chicken?  

The first week is soooo tough, but you're doing it and I feel your success!  Have you found a few meals that fit the template (protein, fat and lots of veg) yet?  I fully expected that food boredom would set in for me, but nope, I have some meals that I eat over and over again.  My food log is actually very boring, but meal prep for me is mostly a cinch.  

I see you are tired of tuna.  Would canned chicken or salmon work as a replacement?  

What about that sweet potato with ghee and bacon?  Maybe add an egg or two, hard boiled, fried, scrambled, poached etc and some veggies to fill you up?

Do you have a favourite vegetable?  Carrots and celery sticks are always on hand in my fridge, cut and stored in a lidded glass container.  They last for quite a long time that way, maybe four or five days but I don't really know because we eat them too regularly.  English cucumbers are handy to have too.

One more thing I can think of is to snack if you want to, and don't feel guilty if you do.  You say you often feel suddenly full, so add in a balanced snack like nuts and fruit.  I bought cashew/date Larabars this week OMG they are sooo good!  When I reviewed my food log I noticed that I ate a snack almost every day. I know its not ideal, but I also know from previous W30 starts that if I'm hungry and nothing is ready to grab right away, that I will go for the junky stuff because it tends to be more convenient.  I'm almost done my W30 and am still snacking, and I know that it is something that I will work on consciously reducing in the future, but I still feel that if I need to or want to snack then I will.  It's way better than eating junk.

I really want you to succeed at this.  I know you didn't ask for advice, so just ignore this if you want but please don't hate me for it.  It's tough.  Really tough.  But it gets better, and the better part is awesome!  Hang in there...

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Soooo the chicken didnt go well but I'll make a full post after I get some sleep.

All my awesome whole 30 friends who are being super supportive I'll respond in a few days specifically lol I'm so blah and annoyed and not my best self so I'll just be posting daily updates till my work week is over :)

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Day 6 may 29

Lots of nausea rounds.  

Ate some pickles when I woke up

M1 - a few pieces of chicken

If i chewed for more than 10 secs I immediately wanted to puke. The smell of cauliflower made me super nauseous so I threw it out and the texture of my poor green beans threw me off as well. 

M2 tried and true at this point baked potato- too bad I couldnt get down more protein 

A banana

A few pieces of cantaloupe 

At this point I know I'm getting really hungry and need to actual be eating complete meals but when I go to actually eat everything rebels. I spent some time going through recipes during my downtime to try and get excited by food.

Found a breakfast hash that looked good so when I got home from work I made

M3 oven roasted red potatoes with eggs and bacon. It was delicious 

I had never noticed the difference between red and russet potatoes. Red potatoes are like creamy in the middle when roasted! Lol

Did get some sleep. Have to go in early today because someone is sick. Not waking up tired so that makes me happy.


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day 7 may 30

M1 - part of a backed potato and some hamburger meat patties

M2 - forgot primal kitchen dressing for the salad I brought to work and as much as I tried i cant just much on green leaves without dressing. Ate some tuna and pork with a few sticks of celery

M3 - went for the breakfast hash again with the potatoes eggs and bacon - super nauseous by the time i got home.


So what may have been super obvious to some people at this point is that apparently ppl can get nauseous when they get hungry - who freakin knew. So i guess really the waves of nausea are actually a result of me not feeling like eating and then of course i get so nauseous i dont actually want to eat but if i can figure out a way to get food in the nausea clears up - pft. stupid.

My energy has been significantly better. Not run outside and jog better but i actually get out of bed and get off the couch and move around. LOL. Making it all the way through work without getting tired or feeling like i need a nap.

No migraines since ive started - happy days there.

Falling asleep in under 30 mins now as opposed to lying in bed for 2 hours waiting for the sandman. Falling asleep easier means Im spending the same amount of time in bed but actually getting sleep. I also have a huge problem with neck stiffness when i wake up- it varies from day to day and doesnt matter if im using pillows, no pillows, 2 pillows, am positioned in fifty different way it just randomly hurts. Well I just realized the last few days that my neck hasnt been giving me near as many problems.

So far I know i feel better. I still miss the taste and feel of a brand new sunkist poured into a cup of ice nom nom nom. Finally over craving cheesy bacon fries but I am still thinking about cheese alot. If i had to give up chocolate for cheese I would and I never knew that about myself ROFL.

I also may have gone home, opened my hubbys dr pepper and just sniffed it for a bit (i did that with his koolaid the other day as well.) The smell is so refreshing and im sure i sound like a crazy person.

TMI incoming

My stomach was super confused very suddenly in the middle of my shift and it has continued to today. I dont have any pains or cramps but the diarrhea is def there and I think at this point its probably from the massive 180 in my diet. So im just going to patiently wait for it to catch up with whats going on.  I guess having two orders of bacon cheesy fries, a chicken sandwich, and a big soda or milkshake every other day right before bed isnt really ideal for the gut. It was my go to meal the last few months after work especially if it was a bad shift.

My bank account is very pleased with me not ordering out everyday. even if some of the healthier things are more expensive im not paying near as much as i was to have stuff delivered every day.

Also was able to move my bra two rows over.

Still think im eating way too many potatoes just in general. A friend made me a potato and leek soup - she had me double check the recipe to make sure it was okay. she subbed the butter for olive oil cause shes awesome. So i have that in my fridge waiting for me after my shift today (5/31)

My day 8 is going fairly well so far. Just going with the flow at this point. Tomorrow is a day off so ill be making some chicken/tuna salad which i still havent done. I also think it will be a good idea to hardboild some eggs and keep them in the fridge. I didnt think i would really need a super quick thing to stuff down my face since someone will cook for me but i walked in the door yesterday jonesing to eat lol.

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@Blueautumn congrats on getting another day done, and super congratulations on all those NSV's!

2 hours ago, Blueautumn said:

If i had to give up chocolate for cheese I would

LOL I never considered that to be an option in my life, although I have a saying when doing anything w/ cheese especially with the over 50 crowd: 

"Cheese is the new chocolate" :D

Funny thing, my dutch family has an expression for that nauseous feeling when you're hungry, we call it having "flauw" rhymes with cow.  I grew up hearing that ALL.THE. TIME.  We all knew what it meant, nausea but not due to an illness, rather due to a dietary need.  Like - 'I need to eat something right now.'  I've never found a similar word in the english language that means the same thing.  Thanks to W30 and a low FODMAPs experiment I did a few years ago, I rarely feel that now.  Nor do I get the shakes anymore when I need to eat.  I'm 100% confident that you have that to look forward to!

Enjoy your day off.

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Day 8 may 31

M1 - roasted russet potatoes with eggs and bacon

M2 - romaine and spinach and cucumber "salad" with primal kitchen ranch dressing and chicken breast

m3 - potato and leek soup 

I ended up working an extra shift sunday that i dont normally work but it was an okay day. super nauseous when i got there but i had a chance to eat something really quick.


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Day 9 June 1

M1- potato and leek soup with ham and bacon and one egg (not mixed with the soup lol)

M2 - potato and leek soup with a cod filet and some broccoli 

So my schedule swapped today since I dont work so i ate this morning, took a nap, ate again just now, but im probably going back to sleep in a few hours.

The nausea is significantly better today so hopefully that means my body is finally figuring out its not gonna be getting gobs and gobs of sugar. I have now realized im willing to give up all sweets for cheese and bread products lol. But I have finally started thinking about how and why i eat when i do. I have no idea at what point in my life i decided sweets should happen after every meal and that indulgent cheesy or sugary and carby goodness was an every meal affair instead of a well thought out treat. 

My hubby made toast this morning and the smell was divine. I almost feel bad that I was just eating it so mindlessly i forgot what i actually liked about it. It is interesting that I am starting to appreciate the foods im not eating lol. I think no matter what happens at the end of this ill be mindful in how i eat the foods i successfully reintroduce and try not to eat them every day still. I miss having a good cheese and chicken sandwich. 


On 5/31/2020 at 7:36 PM, ShadowInTheKitchen said:


Funny thing, my dutch family has an expression for that nauseous feeling when you're hungry, we call it having "flauw" rhymes with cow.  I grew up hearing that ALL.THE. TIME.  We all knew what it meant, nausea but not due to an illness, rather due to a dietary need.  Like - 'I need to eat something right now.'  I've never found a similar word in the english language that means the same thing.  


I think we really do need a word for that LOL. especially considering how ancy ppl get now if they think ur sick. :) 

my blood sugar is dropping which is extremely fantastic. Ive been bad and avoiding my diabetic meds due to a denial issue - dont do that if youre reading this lol. now at least i can show i am making some progress on my own actions to get that under control. Woot

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8 hours ago, Blueautumn said:

It is interesting that I am starting to appreciate the foods im not eating lol.

A little ray of hope for you:  A while back (3 years? 5 years? 10 years?) I gave up coffee for Lent.  On Easter Sunday I made myself a coffee but didn't want to drink it.  I just didn't want it.  To this day, I looooooooooooove the smell of coffee, especially fresh coffee grinds or a freshly brewed pot, but I have no desire to drink it.  Not that I can't, my DS22 made me a coffee on Mother's Day this year and I drank half of it and wasn't sick or anything.  I sure did love holding it and smelling it, especially as he trained as a barista so can make a really good cup of Joe.  The point is, I have 100% confidence that you will always enjoy the aroma of foods that you used to eat too much of while staying true to yourself and the real needs of the beautiful gift you have that is your body.

Fun fact: I used to raid the brown sugar container for, well, just because who doesn't like to eat a spoonful of brown sugar whenever they want.  Now - I think the smell of brown sugar is YUCK!

Congrats on the awesome NSV's!

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End of day 9

Stayed up for much longer than I  thought I would and ended up eating some more potato and leek soup with compliant sausage - yum

Day 10 June 2

M1 roasted red potatoes, eggs and bacon

M2 leftover from M1

M3 made some sesame chicken from the and served it over green beans

The sesame chicken was much more delicious than I thought it would be lol

Ive also learned that i really really enjoy soup and that potato and leek one is such a great base ill be making more this week at some point and adding some protein and more veggies to it. with the butter swapped out and compliant broth used

Yesterday i just kinda fully accepted everything. I realized I was eating as if it was my last meal all the time and at the rate i was going that was going to come much sooner than later. I mentioned that my blood sugar has been out of control (non medicated diabetic) and last month my fasting sugar was way too high so I stopped checking it because well I was in denial basically. 

I took my blood sugar yesterday and it has dropped 90 points - which is crazy, its almost back down to prediabetic range and its only been 10 days. My insulin resistance was never super bad but I was eating SOOOOOOO MUCH ADDED SUGAR every day it just never dropped and after a while all that stuff catches up with you.  With such a significant improvement from diet change this quickly I am very confident in the fact that I can fully reverse the diagnose and my doctor will be super thrilled. And thats with a diet of like pure potato at the moment rofl. 

I am looking at recipes and finally finding ones that sound delicious and enjoyable instead of how much better it would sound with cheese - okay so cheese is still sneaking around in my brain but now its like a long distance love affair getting letters occasionally about how we will see each other again eventually and we will talk about our relationship then. 

I have never been much of a gravy fan - then i figured it out. Cheese is my gravy. I top everything and anything with cheese and so i never saw a point in gravy with cheese! but without cheese im finding the different gravys looking more and more delicious. 

The bouts of nausea are basically gone and i feel the pangs of getting hungry in time before I feel like im gonna die. I havent been doing any snacking for the most part. Occassionally i grab a pickle or something because i noticed i really just like the act of eating. Which probably accounts for a lot of my overeating. Constant grazing because chewing makes me happy? Something like that. 

My energy yesterday was kinda low but im feeling more motivated to get up and do things without prompting - which is huge for me. I also currently dont feel the need to sleep 16 hours a day in between work shifts so thats also really good. Im happy, im feeling better, i will keep going simply because i have no other choice at this point. I dont want to be dependent on medications for things that are preventable. I see younger and younger ppl coming into the hospital with heart failure and kidney failure and complications from diabetes etc and i dont want to be that person. 

I even thought about exercising today - i mean like really thought about it. Ill be doing it later today lol want to get in at least 2 days this week of some intentional exercise.

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On 6/2/2020 at 7:31 AM, ShadowInTheKitchen said:


Fun fact: I used to raid the brown sugar container for, well, just because who doesn't like to eat a spoonful of brown sugar whenever they want.  Now - I think the smell of brown sugar is YUCK!


Ive never eaten a spoonful of brown sugar LOL but the week before i started i may or may not have eaten a container of cream cheese frosting with a spoon....yum 

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I just read through your entire journal - it's so awesome how far you've come in NINE days!  The drop is blood sugar is amazing, and your meal choices have really evolved, lol.  This has been very inspirational for me.  I stopped in the middle of your journal and ordered two of the Whole 30 books.  I've done Whole 30 several times before, but have really been on a downward spiral of terrible junk food choices (yesterday's breakfast was leftover birthday cake, lunch was a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal with large fries and sweet tea, dinner was a bag of guacamole chips).  I came back to this forum and to my journal to try to kickstart myself.  I look forward continuing to read about your journey!  

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Agreeing with what MadyVanilla said... I am really enjoying reading about your experience. It's noteworthy that younger & younger people are coming into the hospital for issues we'd typically relegate to much older generations. As another huge devotee of ALL THE ADDED SUGAR, I really resonate with your perspective. 

Also, now I want to try that sesame chicken.....!

So impressed by what you are doing here, carry on!

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Day 11 june 3

So I ended up not going to sleep then suddenly it was noon and those hunger pains were like where you at RAWR! 

So m1 or end of day 10 m4 lmao - eggs and bacon

M2 - tuna with pickles and red onions. And a baked potato with the last of my clarified butter- gotta make more

M3 tuna wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with cucumber slices inside

Got home from work and made a freakin delicious recipe it was a chicken pot pie casserole this morning (june 4). So proud of myself took me forever to get it ready for the oven lol

I used frozen veggies - peas carrots and broccoli. And some russet potatoes 

I had two chicken breasts in the fridge that needed to be cooked so o threw them in the instant pot. Then I started melting down a pound of butter to clarify. Realized i could use all of it and got all fancy - I'll be eating it for every meal till it runs out cause that's how I roll.

It was so yummy. Totally worth the effort 

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On 6/3/2020 at 11:11 AM, MadyVanilla said:

I just read through your entire journal - it's so awesome how far you've come in NINE days!  The drop is blood sugar is amazing, and your meal choices have really evolved, lol.  This has been very inspirational for me.  

Thank you so much lol. I kinda just ramble at times :) I can totally relate to that day in regards to food. Befire I started I ate cheesey bacon wedges from Jack in the box with a burger and a soda and then I might do the same thing when I woke up lol

having the ability to have so much food delivered really enabled me to be truly awful every single day 

My food choices I hope are starting to look better. I went into this to be as boring and straight forward as possible and I got sick of boring stuff so fast it was awful lol

On a plus note after going this long without all the things I normally eat - flavors are becoming more noticeable and I'm not missing or comparing it to bread and cheese (if that makes sense) so when I start making these recipes they are all tasting very nommy.

The hardest part is finding something else to occupy my time when I feel like eating. Eating has served as a way to fill the time and my hands for so long I'm trying to figure out what/how to redirect that energy.

@Contessa try it! It was good. My hubby ate it all as well lol we had no leftovers probably need to double it next time.

Added sugar is so amazing. It's a trap! 

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