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@Blueautumn Do you have an alien living in your belly?  It sounds like it loooooves almond butter :angry:  :lol:

7 hours ago, Blueautumn said:

I guess even it was sick of what was going - poor dragon.

@Blueautumn I need to start reading your posts when no one else is around because I'm feeling a bit looney when I laugh out loud to my Mac... :lol:  Can I come hang out with you, you're just too funny!

Also, what @MadyVanilla said, that makes a lot of sense.  I'll have to remember that part about "the blanket of inflammatory protection no longer being there."  That will be on my mind as I continue with my reintroductions.  

@Blueautumn I'm enjoying reading about your progress, and am interested to see how you will proceed after 30 days.  Meanwhile, keep it up - you're doing awesome!


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Day 22 sun june 14

Some peas and a banana 

That's it all day. I slept a lot. I need to come up with some sort of eating plan when this happens. I'm gonna schedule an appt with my dr and get some ideas 

Day 23 June 15th

So far I've eaten some roasted seaweed which is yummy. Making a casserole right now. Fingers crossed that I feel like eating it

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So i tried to give a few updates this week but my password wasnt working and I kept locking myself out.

To sum it up, on Day 25 i ate nachos. Going so many days without eating and then Im pmsing, I was like you know what, 25 days is basically 30 days and I got nachos. Literally right at the end and I talked myself right into those nachos. How strange and annoying but I told myself i was going to complete a whole30 and complete it I shall (so ill be starting again naturally)

Fun fact, im a self saboteur. Dont be like me people. I have an innate dread of success that basically causes me to destroy things especially near the end. I dont think the middle of things is all that hard. Its def the beginning and about the time you see the light at the end of the tunnel. But thats okay. I learned some things and honestly made it significantly longer than i thought I would for a first time around.

Day 1 again will be sunday  June 21. The goal of course is to make it the full 30 days. Id at least like to keep it going long enough for tiger blood to come give me a big hug. And i want to be very clear that i thought long and hard about those nachos - as some of you could imagine. I am fully aware that it cant be a 30 days done its all over go right back to how i was. So I imagine the next few months will be mostly on whole 30 and tryin to figure out an eating habit that doesnt lead me right back down the paths of no return.

I have also read a book, thinner, stronger, leaner (or some combination of those words) and I really like his general approach to eating and exercise. Ill be actually starting cardio 3x a week starting this first week since i never worked any in during my first 25 days. The second week ill be incorporating strength training and those will be the new healthy habits ill be working on for the next 30 days.

Oh yeah i went ahead and weighed myself after the nachos - 300 pounds. Down 16 which aint that bad considering my new found love of potatoes for a while there lol. My blood pressure is looking good, hopefully in a few months i can get off at least one of them. I know i need to do everything within my power to get my blood sugar under control for good so yet another reason i need to stick it through 30 days. My body needs time to heal and to balance itself out without relying completely on sugar.

Now the very astute ones will notice that there are a few days between my day 25 and my planned day 1. Yes i have been eating stuff that is not whole 30 compliant during this time. I have immediately noticed that the desire to binge, well the desire to feel full ( by eating lots of nonfilling processed things), came back quickly and thats somethin that needs to be beaten down with a stick.

I was like you know what, lets get some cheesy bacon wedges in before i start over. Guess what? about 99% those delicious cheesy goodness that i raved about for posts and posts cause my fire volcano indigestion, so thats FUN! Guess its time to retire those completely. On a positive note, im hoping that keeps craving them under better control lol.

Hopefully everyone is ready for another round of boring, long posts of rambling thoughts about my issues with food. 

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@Blueautumn I'm glad you came back!  

51 minutes ago, Blueautumn said:

Hopefully everyone is ready for another round of boring, long posts of rambling thoughts about my issues with food. 

Bring it on, it's not boring at all!

Congrats on the scale victory - very impressive!  And isn't it cool how the things you craved just aren't as good as you thought they were?  Same thing happened to me.  This Whole30 way of eating has really opened up my senses to enjoying the lovely tastes of real food.  

I'm looking forward to more of your posts, and sending positive vibes and best luck to you. 

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11 hours ago, Blueautumn said:

Fun fact, im a self saboteur. Dont be like me people. I have an innate dread of success that basically causes me to destroy things especially near the end.

Too late, this is already me.  You came back and recommitted.  You are giving your self a few days in-between. BUT YOU RECOMMITTED.  These days will help you think about if this junky way of eating is better than the W30 way.  You've had some fantastic NSVs, plus a REALLY awesome scale victory-that's almost one pound lost every day!  

I'm glad you're back and look forward to reading your posts.  Including these posts on the pre-return days.  Because that is me, too.  And we all learn from each other.  


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@Blueautumn ~ I should start again with you tomorrow, and we can have a contest to see who can make it the longest.  Lol.  I typed up a big long "Day 1" post yesterday ... then changed my mind later in the day, and: delete, delete, delete.  It's ridiculous.

But there is so much to be learned on this journey.  I am super impressed, not only that you made it to 25 days on your first try - but that you are determined to get back in the saddle and keep on riding.  That's really cool.  B)  Congrats!

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