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I keep seeing that whole 30 often results in weight loss. I want to start the program but I do not want to lose ANY weight. Is there a way to plan in such a way as to not lose weight? I really want to maintainability my activity level (moderate to active) and don't want to count calories or have to do a bunch of math and measuring.  

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This article talks about keeping weight on during a whole30: https://whole30.com/keeping-weight-whole30/

Basically, you'll want to be sure you're eating enough. You may need to prioritize calorie-dense foods like starchy vegetables and fattier cuts of meat, rather than going for mostly leafy greens and grilled skinless chicken breast. You don't need to count calories, but you might find it helpful to compare calories in different food options -- for instance, how much salad would you need to eat to get the same calories as a half cup of sweet potato, or does it make a difference having six ounces of salmon versus six ounces of chicken breast.

You may need pre and post-workout food, or if it's less that you're working out and more that you're just generally active throughout the day, you may need more than just three meals. That might be four full meals, or three meals plus a mini-meal or two, or some other combination, you would just do whatever works for you.

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