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Hey friends,

Its day 19 here, somehow I have managed to make it to this point. I survived camping, brunches, cakes, desserts, and watching my coworkers eat cheese right in front of me. I never thought I could ever turn down food, let alone not wanting  to indulge or partake in the food around me. It was extremely hard at first, and the first week I felt really terrible. I've had some bad cravings, but I have not given in to them and Ive been reading the Whole 30 day by day book and thats been helping a lot. There have been a few days that I have snacks, and take naps. There have been days when I was so tired of doing the freaking dishes and cooking. There have been days when I get tired of explaining to people that I'm doing the Whole 30 and no I'm not going to have "just a taste". But I have to honestly say, its all worth it. I'm 26 years old and this is the best I've ever felt, I'm excited so see what is in store. If you're new dont give up it gets better, you can do this. 

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