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The Whole30 at home has been my third Whole30 and probably my favorite one I’ve done yet. Usually I use the slow roll reintroduction and it’s worked well for me in the past, but I decided to fast track it this time and have really struggled with feeling binge-y on reintro days. My thoughts are like “I can’t have this again for a while so I should just finish it now” which I know isn’t healthy for me. I really wanted to do this reintro the “right way” and am a little bummed this has been such a struggle. Is it ok if I switch to more of a slow roll style reintro or should I try and stick with the fast track and give myself more structure to my reintro? Has anyone else experienced this? 

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If you feel that slowing down your reintro would be best for you, it would be fine to do that.

For future reference, if you decide to do a faster reintro in the future, it might be worth finding items you can purchase in single servings so that you don't have that need to finish off a bunch of something. Or talk to a friend or family member and see if they purchase items that would work for you and would let you have a serving or two of what you need.

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I'm currently doing my fifth Whole30. At first, I would do the slow-roll reintroduction and eventually discovered that that just doesn't work for me at all. It's too easy for me to be thoughtless about the foods I eat when I do the slow-roll. I like the structure and more "scientific method" type approach to the formal, scheduled reintroductions. I was very thoughtful about the foods I chose to reintroduce, based on the foods I wanted to incorporate into my long-term diet, and I planned everything out in advance. I then documented how each one made me feel and ended up with a list of foods I thought were good for me and a list of foods that aren't so good for me. 

So yeah, for me, slow-roll just doesn't work. Perhaps consider trying the other approach (though I don't know if it would be effective to switch to that now)?

Best wishes to you and congratulations on completing your third Whole30! 

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