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Starting May 24/2020


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Heya -


Looking forward to giving this a go! I've tried lots of things - Keto, Morning Carbs, the works. I had success with keto many years ago, but I just like eating food lol.


One thing I'm not sure I can find an answer to is: When planning meals, do you have to stay in a certain portion-load? or can you eat it until you're full (as long as it's W30 compliant?)


Looking forward to a community that supports this as well :)



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I plan on using the template https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf here and then if it seems that I am not staying full between meals, Ill work on adding more fats/veggies.
Im starting the same day you are!! We can do this :) 

I honestly enjoy eating and snacking and munchin so much that I dont actually no if my hunger and full notifications work so great anymore LOL.

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