Pants don't fit and I'm tired


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@ShadowInTheKitchen Here’s the original recipe:

I buy really cheap cuts of steak. The really thin, flat ones that are like 8 for $6.00 or the ones that are already cut for stir fry.  Don’t waste expensive steak on it. 

I miss my gym too. I love working out and being active. I’ve been telling myself for a couple of months that I would work out at home and just now made myself start doing it. I started running again a couple of weeks ago and caught sight of my triceps jiggling. That was enough to convince me. 


@SchrodingersCat The pork chops are divine. I left the onion out because my son doesn’t like onions but it’s definitely better with them. I love pork, apple and onions together and you can’t beat gravy that starts with bacon grease. :)


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Day 2, Take 2 - May 27

Breakfast - two eggs and leftover sweet potato/pineapple hash; coffee with Nut Pods

Lunch - steamed potatoes with salt & pepper, two hard boiled eggs, romaine and cherry tomatoes with Brianna's Real French Vinaigrette 

I got a little shaky before lunch today. I can really tell a difference if I don't have my crispy steak or some type of meat at breakfast. I know I should probably be eating three eggs if it's my only source of protein but I just can't do it. I put that I ate three for lunch yesterday but I was typing as I was eating and couldn't finish the third one. 

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@scoakley13 Ah the shaky-ness.  I used to get that a lot.  Like, almost every day, multiple times.  I thought it was from being hungry, or needing something to eat.  Now I think that it was more of a "crash" of some sort.  I used to feed my shakes with some quick protein, or some total junk.  If I would have had the protein first then I wouldn't have got those shakes in the first place.  Thanks for mentioning it, I totally forgot about that problem.  Another NSV now that I think about it.

Its so good that you notice how much protein you need, already, only on Day 2.  You are tuned in to your body so take that victory!

I'm looking forward to trying that crispy steak, and I love the sweet potato hash.  I hope that you continue to post links to your food!



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Last night dinner - I was tired after my exercise so I made a simple burger patty and ate some canned green beans. Very boring but did the trick. 

Movement - four mile run/walk (mile run/mile walk/mile run/mile walk)

I was tired most of the day yesterday due to lack of sleep Tuesday night. I forced myself to go to the Greenway for my run/walk. I got it done but crashed as soon as I got home. My anti-depressant is great but it makes me tired and also gives me insomnia sometimes. That's a horrible combination and I feel for anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. 


Day 3 - May 28

Breakfast - nothing - I overslept 

Lunch - leftover apple/bacon smothered pork chops

Planned Dinner - grilled apple and pork kabobs -

Planned Movement - none! rest day

I feel ok today. I'm still a little tired but it's date night so I'm excited to see my boyfriend (I hate that term since we're both 44 but don't know what else to use). :D


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I picked up some thin cheap cuts of steak today! Probably wont get a chance to do anything with it till the weekend go.

I feel ya on the burger patty and green beans lol that simple is basically all I've been doing this week. 

Three days down *highfive*

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9 hours ago, scoakley13 said:

My anti-depressant is great but it makes me tired and also gives me insomnia sometimes. That's a horrible combination and I feel for anyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. 

I had the same problem, talked my Dr about it and she prescribed a second one (taking both - 1 in AM, 1in PM) and it solved the problem, so maybe you could check with your Doc?  Just a suggestion.

I like to eat my burgers wrapped in lettuce.  VERRRRY messy but oh-so-delish! this is tasty and the pics are gorgeous, I haven't managed to get mine to look that good but they taste great.  I prefer to eat them this way and may never go back to eating them on a white bun again.  

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This is one of my favorite meals and what I had for dinner last night:

I don't cut my potatoes like hearts. I use my mandolin slicer and make them like cottage fries. I use the Tree Line Herb & Garlic soft cheese. I like it in this dish but it is nowhere good enough to make me spiral and eat a block of cheese (which I've done a few times in my life). I tried a bite of it alone one time and it wasn't great so I feel ok using it in this recipe. No cheese or dairy cravings today so I'm good. 

I feel good and am starting to see a difference less puffiness in my face and body. I've started biking again and realized how much I've missed it. It makes me feel like a kid. I love to go fast down hills. :lol:

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Still here and still going strong. I love crispy meat and have these frequently. I wanted to share in case anyone hasn't been blessed enough to try these yet. (Also works with arrowroot flour if you can't find potato starch.)

I'm doing ok with food. I'm horrible at following the template but as long as I feel good I'm ok with that. I've really been focusing on exercise and completed a 12 mile, 4343 foot elevation gain hike on Saturday with nothing but crispy steak and two eggs in my belly. No snacks and no lagging. Whole30 makes me strong and I love it! :wub: 


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