Lowered Cholesterol, Lost Weight, Improved Mental Health!

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I heard about Whole30 through my cousin, who sells essential oils and shared the basic rules and some recipes with me as part of a detox program. While the detox didn't work out for me, I was intrigued and did my own research, reading the 30-Day Guide and finishing my first Whole30/reintroduction March 5 and second one May 23; I didn't do well coming off my last one so I started another reset a few days ago, too. This forum has been really helpful to me so I thought I'd share some of my success!

First, my cholesterol skyrocketed down after my first round and I'll be doing my lab work again soon to see if I won't need meds anymore (I'm prescribed a super low dose I don't actually take, but my doctor thinks it won't be needed if I continue my healthy habits, which we will assess at my upcoming appointment). The weight loss has definitely helped my self-esteem as well. I attached a photo that shows what I looked like pre-psychiatric meds, post-meds (probably close to my heaviest ever), right before my first Whole30 (I had already lost some weight through other means over the course of a few years), and the last one is from the end of my second round. I lost 22 pounds my first round and 12 my second. 

Most importantly, Whole30 has helped me combat my mental health struggles. For so long, I struggled with different diagnosis (Bipolar I/II, Borderline, anxiety, depression, etc.), a few involuntary hospitalizations, toxic relationships, and horrible nights I thought I'd never get through. I definitely still experience these things but I finally feel more in control, better equipped to deal with everything, greater clarity of mind, and can gracefully recover from bad episodes... and Whole30 has a LOT to do with all of that. I am incredibly grateful to Melissa, Dallas, and the entire Whole30 team for sharing this incredible gift with me.

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