Starting June 1, R6 - Getting back on Track!

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Hello - long time W30 believer, first time posting! I usually do a W30 in January to get back on track after the holidays and reaffirm my food choices. This year, things went off the rails very quickly and very badly due to the COVID lockdown and I feel worse than I have in years. Maybe TMI, but I am also 3 years post-menopausal and it seems my metabolism has come to grinding halt, even with daily sweat sessions and mindful eating.

Lockdown has meant daily happy hour, where I lose my willpower and make extremely bad food choices in the evening, including indulging in sweets like I haven't in years. While my family will eat whatever I make (including W30 compliant food) I don't have anyone else in my home who is willing to indulge in this lifestyle with me for support.

I'm usually not successful with a mid-year W30, but I'm hoping that posting here for accountability (and I signed up for the daily texts from Melissa) will help. 

Who else is starting June 1??

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Hi @cdsommer I just saw your post- I also started Whole30 on June 1st.  I also feel like I had a daily happy hour where I gave into my cravings... now that I'm 15 days in, the Whole30 has changed the game. I don't crave dessert anymore(!!). 

I find myself pretty hungry after breakfast still. I eat a HUGE breakfast... but I guess I'm just super hungry in the mornings?

How are you doing?


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@cdsommer & @Patty526 Yes! Sugar and carb cravings have disappeared for me. My friends baked cookies in the oven and ate them in front of me, but honestly, I didn't want one at all! So CRAZY. Can't believe we're in the home stretch now!! I just read the reintroduction instructions. I'm a little nervous to reintroduce, but I'm looking forward to seeing what does (and doesn't) work for me after whole30.

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