What do you use for side dishes when grilling meats?

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I am at a loss as what to make for side dishes when grilling hamburger, pork chops, chicken, etc... Besides a salad all the time what do you all make? I grill veggies and use them for my breakfast with eggs over easy oozed over them YUM. I am trying to think what my husband would eat.  Thanks for any ideas you can give me!!

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I grill zucchini or summer squash a lot. I've done slices of potato or sweet potato before too. I haven't tried it, but asparagus would probably work well. If you have a grill basket, you can do things like broccoli or cauliflower or green beans. Or look up cooking vegetables en papillote, which is cooking them enclosed in a parchment paper or foil pouch. 

Or branch out and try new and different salads, especially if you like the make-ahead factor. Here's some ideas:  http://meljoulwan.com/2019/04/23/15-paleo-side-salads/https://whole30.com/whole30-recipes-salads/

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When my husband first bought a barbecue, I was still in the same situation. He loves meat, I'm a vegetarian, but I also wanted to do something on the grill, so I know it comes out healthier and with fewer calories. That's why I started searching the internet, but nothing attracted me. When my husband saw that I was sitting and looking for a more suitable recipe, he told me to find all the recipes on the page where he looked at what kind of grill is more convenient. After I made a recipe on that page  I couldn't get rid of it. It came out much better than the rest I found.

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Sometimes I'll saute onions & peppers to put on top of a burger (or I'll caramelize onions to have with burgers).  I love to make a big batch of buffalo cauliflower that lasts for a few meals (cauliflower with ghee, Franks & garlic powder).  Brussel sprouts are another favorite!

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