Day 4 after a year as an intermittent fasting vegetarian

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My Day 1 began the day after I finished reading It Starts With Food (after I finished reading Project 333). I have been intermittent fasting for at least a year with a vegetarian diet, and was still gaining weight, having digestive issues and I am just barely keeping my doctor happy with a borderline high blood pressure. I typically weigh myself every morning, so during this lockdown since mid-March, I hit that horrible 10 lb gained mark and decided that I'd had enough. Time for a change. 

Donning my face mask and carrying hand sanitizer with me, I braved the grocery stores and bought what I hope is going to last a week. I am trusting the Whole30 program and have been cooking and eating meat for myself in a very long time. (My meat eating husband and kids are thrilled of this change!)  I'm forcing myself to eat breakfasts. I'm having to get used to the textures of meat. Days 1-3 I felt better, more full of energy. Today is Day 4 and I think if I had a spare tree in my living room, I would feel very satisfied releasing all my pent up rage by chopping it into tiny pieces. It comes in waves. First I want to beat a rug, chop a forest, then I want to pass out where I stand and sleep. Thank goodness this is known to pass. After Day 2 my husband and kids decided they'd like to start their Whole30 themselves after Father's Day.

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It’s Day 7 and I feel really good. Full of energy and I am noticing changes. Tastes, smells, and what’s weird is the lack of a stuffy nose even in pollen season. It’s been 2 days since I stopped taking OTC allergy meds. I didn’t feel like I needed it, and I notice grass smells and food smells... it’s strangely fun.

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It’s Day 13 and I am not even tempted by sugar and sweets. I helped the kids make Rice Krispie treats and I didn’t even lick my fingers. Since they are joining me in cutting everything out the day after Father’s Day, I am cringing a little for the pain they’re going to endure in a few days’ time. Yesterday I bought a gluten free beer to wait in the fridge for my day 31. 

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Day 14, I woke up with pain in my hip and center of my torso. Started to wonder about all this fat and protein I’m eating after being vegetarian for so long. I went and bought digestive enzymes to help at meals. Hopefully they work. In other news, my pants can come off without being unbuttoned. 

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It is Day 20 for me, and my family who joined me after Father’s Day are on Day 5. Last night we had Whole30 bowls from Chipotle. It was nice to not have to cook for one night!

I am still battling horrible digestive problems- even after trying enzymes. I am now looking at a possible intolerance to eggs, so I am avoiding them today and tomorrow to see if it helps.


I am noticing the family are missing their snacks and morning cereals. But I am also noticing my T1D daughter is doing better with her blood glucose numbers and her dry skin patches are not getting worse, and might be starting to clear up. The kids are less grumpy which was a surprise, honestly. Husband’s missing his nightly beers. He’s also battling some digestive issues too.

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It is Day 25 for me, I'm feeling really good. Digestive issues have finally settled down, and I don't need enzymes anymore. I'm nervous looking ahead to next week, not entirely sure how reintroduction will go. I'm not sure if I should go slow or do the 10 day reintroduction option? I wonder if I should keep a log to keep track of symptoms and foods?

The family are on Day 10 today. They're getting bored of eating the same things over and over, but that's partly their own fault, since they're being picky about the vegetables they eat. I plan to introduce them to zoodles tonight. 

Husband broke out in hives over the last couple days. It's slowly going away, but we've been going crazy trying to figure out if it's laundry detergent or nuts or the sudden lack of alcohol in his system. It doesn't seem to be detergent or nuts...? Can it be alcohol withdrawal?

My T1D daughter has had the best blood glucose numbers EVER. Very stable, and we've already brought down her insulin needs by 15% every day. Her mood has lifted and she's sleeping better. We're going to have to somehow keep this up for her going forward for sure.

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Today is my Day 30! B) I woke up this morning feeling really good.

I wake up before my alarm every day.

My energy level is pretty much the same.

I feel hungry before breakfast. I actually eat a breakfast now, and that’s a big change.

I feel tired at about the same time each night. I get a deeper sleep.

I no longer need to take OTC allergy meds. I had an oral allergy to bananas and apples that seem to have disappeared.

My clothes fit better. I stepped in the scale today and note I lost 5 lbs but I can tell it’s different than “normal” - I can see my jawline. I have loose pants. My body digs into the bed differently. 

I have been apprehensive about what reintroduction will be like, but because my family is on their Day 15, I figure I would go the slow route and take my time. In the week ahead I will try added sugar. 

On a separate note, my T1D kid’s endocrinologist is so impressed at how well managed her blood glucose numbers have been. 95+% of her weeks have been in target range. That’s not ever happened. She’s cleared up a dry patch on her skin and her moods are happier. I am so so grateful for this change!

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