Covid 19 health re-set

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I am starting the Whole30 tomorrow (June15) after 2 and a half months of partial and full lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic.  I am at home, not working, as my job in the service industry cannot be done from home.  I am deathly afraid of getting this virus in my current state of health.  I have type 2 diabetes, which I take medication for, I am obese according to the BMI calculation, and I am 56 years old.  I also have a history of cancer, and have severe allergies which are under control with weekly immunotherapy shots.  From everything I have been hearing, I would not do well if I contracted this disease, so I am hoping this elimination diet will get me back on track towards health. I have a month and a half before I am scheduled to go back to work, so I hope this will help get me where I need to be to have a fighting chance if I should contract Covid 19. When  I go back to work with the public, I know some will have no sense of responsibility to others and will not wear facial coverings or cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.  So I know I will inevitably be exposed.  I hope that Whole 30 will help me lose some weight, lower my inflammation and improve my health problems.  It feels like a matter of life or death to me, not trying to sound too dramatic.  I have  a vague overall feeling of anxiety and fear that I have not had before, that verges on panic at times. I have done Whole 30 once before (six years ago) and felt really good on it.  My greatest challenge will be giving up my red wine.  I have used alcohol to try to stave off my anxiety.  It works temporarily but then I suffer the consequences. goes!  Tomorrow I take that first step...

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Welcome!  There is a really wonderful group of forum members here - I'm into the second week of my 6th W30, and this forum group has been amazing as far as offering support, delicious recipes, humor, etc, etc.  Some of us (:blink:) are also missing our wine!  (Personally, I'd rather shop for a bottle of red wine than a new pair of shoes!).  Good luck with the first day, can't wait to read about your experience! 

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