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First Whole30 log


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Hi! I am a full-time student taking on the Whole30.

A little background:

I used to not care much about what I ate, and I was a dancer, so I was very thin. By the time I got to college though, I became a full-blown anorexic, and that led to a cycle of starving, binging and purging. I struggled with this for about two years until I finally admitted that I needed help, otherwise my obsession with food and my body would continue to seriously deteriorate my health. So I received treatment and no longer have disordered eating habits (5 months and counting!). The problem with eating disorders, however, is the fact that they are always there in your mind. Since food is (obviously) everywhere, it seems so easy to revert back into a vicious, unhealthy, and ultimately dangerous cycle.

With the Whole30, I want to stop being so constantly afraid of this reversion, and to feel in control of my eating habits in a healthier, happier way! I'm so happy to see that this forum exists, so I plan to use it to track what I eat daily to ensure some accountability for myself.

So here is what I have eaten so far today:

breakfast: an egg white omelet with spinach, tomato, onions, mushroom

mid-morning: a medium sized apple

lunch: a huge salad with mixed greens, baby spinach, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, chicken breast

between lunch and dinner: an apple, orange, a handful of baby carrots, a serving of almonds

Haven't had dinner yet, but I figure I have more time now to write all of this! :)

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I think you need a lot more fat in your diet. A lot of the good in an egg is in the yolk, so start with eating whole eggs and not just the whites. And at lunch, try some dark meat and don't just eat chicken breasts. I understand that our culture has told you your entire life that fat is bad and dangerous to your health, but fat is actually very important to our health.

Your snack between lunch and dinner is substantial. I would recommend turning it into a real meal with a serving of protein and veggies. Eating 4 or 5 meals a day is completely appropriate if that is what you need to keep from being hungry. It can take months to get used to eating just 3 meals per day and you should not suffer hunger on the journey to get there.

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Hi teatime -

I hope you feel stronger and very nourished by the food you eat.

You deserve to enjoy meals and not have worry constantly on your mind.

Your body was made to burn that fat you eat as fuel for energy so give it plenty of fuel, and trust that this is a healthy way to eat and live! Be brave.

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Thank you all so much! I am so used to having egg white omelets and eating chicken breast... I will definitely be on the hunt for red meat and start having a full egg omelet.

Last night, I had a chicken breast (with skin!) and a heap of mixed greens and the side. I also had another apple an hour before bed. I agree that my meals are not filling enough, so I will work on making them bigger and better today!

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Day 2 so far: for breakfast I had a full egg omelet this time, with all of yesterday's fixings. It has been my first since ages, and I filled right up! That and a half cup of pineapple and melon chunks sustained me until lunch, which was my typical huge mixed greens salad like yesterday. I just had an apple to tide me over until dinner later, which will be involving some red meat tonight. Overall my second day has been great-- I'm feeling pretty energized and happy.

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Red meat.... YEAH teatime! Have you tried the coconut milk or coconut oil yet? Soo yummy.

I've tried coconut milk, which I really love! I need to stock up on that. I haven't tried coconut oil before though, but I will definitely try it when I get a chance. Living at university makes it difficult to branch out with meals a lot of the time... I feel like the food I eat is very boring and routine!

So today I've managed to only have full meals with no snacks in between-- I can't remember the last time I did that! I didn't have any stomach issues today, which is a wonderful relief. I do have a bit of a struggle with IBS though, and I'm wondering if the Whole30 can help with that. Here is what I had today (day 3):

Breakfast: full egg omelet with spinach, tomato, mushrooms, ground beef

Lunch: chicken salad with arugula, spinach, beets, mushrooms, celery... (my salads are always HUGE); 1 clementine

Dinner: salmon (~size of a TV remote control) with sauteed bok choy, side salad with spinach, sunflower seeds, cucumbers and tomatoes

I'm also drinking a lot of rooibos tea and water. Yesterday I turned down donuts that were being passed around, and today I didn't even care (okay, I did feel a bit of longing) for these yummy looking cranberry chocolate chip cookies presented in front of me. Feeling great, and loving this forum!

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Today was weird, because I felt hungry all day! What I ate:

Breakfast: the typical omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, onions, beef

mid-morning: small handful of almonds and carrots

Lunch: typical salad with chicken, spinach, greens, beets, cucumber, celery, pine nuts...

at 5pm: half an orange, 1/2 cup coconut milk, handful of almonds, 1/4 cup berries

at 8pm: naruto roll with thinly sliced cucumber, salmon and avocado, a few more carrots

I know, I need to have more solid meals. With my schedule it's been difficult... hopefully tomorrow is better!

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Day 5:

Breakfast: 1.5 slices of bacon, slice of veggie frittata, 1/4 cup of beets and shredded carrots; half bottle of green kombucha

Lunch: half of a huge spinach salad with steak tips, bacon, walnuts

Dinner: salad with mixed greens, beets, boiled egg

I'm feeling very tired and somewhat fatigued and dizzy at the moment. Plus my stomach feels unsettled. Could it be the steak (this is the first time I've eaten it in a long time) that's causing this?

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For the first week I was going through bouts of stomach upset. For me anyway, I think it's eating much more than I'm used to in one sitting and the extra fat. If you're anything like me it will pass and you'll feel pretty awesome soon. Hang in there!

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Yesterday and today have been the hardest so far. Not only was I not feeling too great, but there were so, so many tempting foods around me!! Decadent cream cheese cupcakes, cake pops, pita chips and hummus, cake and cookies, etc etc, all of which I would have sampled if it weren't for the Whole30. So admittedly, I've been compensating a little bit with fruit...

Day 6:

Breakfast: 1 cup of fruit (pinapple, melon, orange chunks; grapes)

2 slices bacon, slice of veggie frittata, 2 beets, shredded carrots and onions

Lunch: half of a huge spinach salad with steak tips, bacon, walnuts; 1/2 serving raw almonds, 1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 bottle green kombucha

2 apples, 1 small banana

Dinner: radish roll of salmon sashimi and avocado, seaweed

almonds, almond milk, baby carrots

Day 7:

Breakfast: omelet, beef patty

Lunch: HUGE salad with chicken breast

2 apples

Dinner: same huge salad with chicken breast

1 apple, 1 orange, handful of nuts, almond milk

My goal moving forward is to stop snacking!!! And yay for finishing the first week. :)

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Your meals are looking good generally.

I am concerned about the almond milk. The stuff they sell in grocery stores has unhealthy preservatives that make it a bad choice to drink ever, let alone during a Whole30. About the only way I know to get healthy almond milk is to make it yourself.

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Your meals are looking good generally.

I am concerned about the almond milk. The stuff they sell in grocery stores has unhealthy preservatives that make it a bad choice to drink ever, let alone during a Whole30. About the only way I know to get healthy almond milk is to make it yourself.

Ahh I thought the ingredients looked okay, but I guess no store-bought almond milk for me anymore!

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So someone offered me bacon dark chocolate today. Who knew such a beautiful thing was in existence!! It took me so much willpower to resist a taste.

Breakfast: veggie omelet, beef, apple

Banana, handful of blackberries

Lunch: salad with chicken and sweet potatoes, apple

Orange, serving of almonds

Dinner: 1 cup of tomato mushroom spinach soup, banana

Apple, cup of baby carrots

Day 8 done!

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So I've had a few good days, but then a bad one:

Day 9

Breakfast: veggie omelet with beef

1 cup of cantaloupe, pineapple, melon

1 apple

Lunch: cup of onion soup, small salad

1.5 cup melon, berries

Apple, banana

Dinner: chicken breast, greens, sweet potato and steamed veggies

Day 10

Breakfast: veggie omelet, beef

peanut butter and banana

Lunch: salad, some sauteed vegetables, steamed broccoli

apple, 1/2 clementine

Dinner: small piece of lamb, vegetables

3 clementines, bowl of strawberries

Day 11

Breakfast: egg white omelet with beef

2 tbsp peanut butter, 2 bananas

1 apples

4 clementines

Dinner: large salad!

(this seems like very little food, but for some reason I was just not very hungry as per usual...!)

Day 12

This is where things started to go bad. I had a good day and went out to eat for dinner. I had a delicious kale salad, but it turns out there was cheese in it! I found out after asking the waiter. So I felt incredibly guilty and emotions and behaviors of my eating disorder ensued...

A very bad night and day followed.

Which brings me to today. I am resetting and going to dig deeper at the roots of my disordered eating, feelings of control, etc., while staying optimistic. I know that I can break free of it, but it might take a while and I need to build the right support structures. Look for a Day 1 post tomorrow!

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Here we go again!

Day 1:

breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies; small bowl of melon, pineapple, honey dew chunks

lunch: plum organics broccoli peas and pear pouch, 1 pear, 1 clementine

1 clementine, 1/6 pommelo, a few swigs of kombucha (multigreen)

dinner: salad with sunflower seeds, 1 hardboiled egg, greens, beets, celery, etc; 3 apples

As you can see, still trying to get back into the hang of things. Feeling some stomach discomfort, but that's just from all the eating over the weekend. So happy to be back on the Whole30!

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