PregWhole30- 10-14 weeks pregnant

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Starting Whole 30 tomorrow, 6/17. Eager to complete my 1st ever Whole30 from 10.5-14.5 weeks pregnant!

Curious to find out how early pregnancy symptoms can be helped out by Whole30- haven't been nauseous or sick in these first 10 weeks, just so, so exhausted.  Pre-Whole30, I've been guilty of not drinking enough water, not prioritizing vegetables/fiber, and mindlessly snacking in the afternoon into the evening.  I am a creature of routine and look forward to making my life a bit easier with the structure of Whole30.  Prior to getting pregnant, the "no drinking" and "social eating" aspects of Whole30 were always the most daunting to me.  Now with COVID and pregnancy, I ironically have never thought of a better time to lean into the program wholeheartedly and give it my all.

Pregnancy is tough enough and I'm not interested in poor food choices making it harder.  Whole30 is just the "reset" my lifestyle needs to cruise me into the 2nd trimester feeling more energetic and confident. 

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Day 1: June 17

Feelings: SO excited for day 1 while also feeling rather puffy-faced from last night's snack of 1 pint of raspberry Talenti and almond butter toast x 3 (whoa.) 

Going to try out a "4-meal" meal plan, as pregnancy has me feeling really full after meals.  Spreading it out over 4 meals should help?

M1: 2 eggs + 1/2 large apple + 1.5 Tbsp almond butter + coffee realized this meal should've included vegetables...oops.

M2: Roasted Cauliflower Soup + 4-5 oz chicken breast overcooked the chicken to what most people would find inedible, as there is no greater pregnancy food aversion to me than appropriately-cooked chicken 

M3: 1 oz macadamia nuts + carrot sticks + decaf iced coffee + prenatal vitamins + a nap

M4: 5-6 oz. Copper River salmon + mixed green salad need to find a way to disguise some of this protein into a mixed dish meal...this "hunk of protein + veggies" thing can't continue.

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Day 2: June 18

Feelings: rather groggy climbing out of bed this morning. Incredibly proud of myself for starting Whole30.  Ended day 1 feeling physically satisfied with the amount and variety of food I ate.  

I desperately need to work on my water consumption- I think I consumed mayyyybe 50 oz yesterday?  Not enough and undoubtedly contributing to fatigue.  Goal is to hit 80 oz. today. Today is a light, WFH day- should have plenty of time to whip up 2 new recipes for dinner. 

M1: 3 eggs + coffee adding an extra egg because I can't stomach adding protein to my already-heavy M2

M2: Leftover Roasted Cauliflower Soup + big green salad (spinach, pea shoots, cucumber, zucchini, sprouted sunflower seeds, Tessa Mae's vegan caesar) allll the veggies + fat plz

M3: 1 oz macadamia nuts + carrot sticks + 1-2 Tbsp almond butter very satisfying snack

M4: Chicken Cutlets + Mashed Sweet Potatoes going to wilt spinach into the mashed sweet potatoes to get some easy greens in

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Day 3: June 19

Feelings: It's Friday!  1st weekend of Whole30 is here...not feeling stressed about my food choices deviating from the program at all.  I will think this into existence :)

NSV: I had more energy yesterday than I've had in weeks and felt a general lightness/happiness.  Love that...for me and my husband!  No question in my mind that food is a powerful, powerful thing.

Goal for today: Need. Water.  I don't know why it's such a struggle, but it just is.  Committing to crushing 3L today, as I know that'll keep energy high and digestion moving.

M1: 3 eggs + coffee this felt like an aggressive amount of eggs yesterday, but i'm into it.

M2: Big, green salad + chopped chicken cutlet + 1/2 chopped apple + 1/2 oz sprouted sunflower seeds if i could just eat raw, cold things all day every day, i would.

M3 + M4 (will be on a boat for ~5 hours this afternoon): Packing... carrot sticks + snap peas + almond butter + berries + macadamia nuts + WATERRR if i need to have some protein when we get home, i will.

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Day 6: June 22

Feelings: Weekends aren't so bad after all!  Managed to navigate boat snacks, sneakily not drink alcohol, and even went out to a restaurant on Saturday night!  Admittedly, eating wasn't as structured, and I snacked more rather than sat down for real meals.  I'm finding dinners hard.  I'm hungry for dinner, but food doesn't sit well. It feels as though I don't digest anything all day, so by dinner time I am already SO full.  Throw some water on top of dinner and you can catch me sitting up in bed just burping my little heart out for 5-10 minutes, while my sweet husband just silently tolerates it.  Shout out to pregnancy for making me feel like a real lady.  

This week ahead will be a normal one...full of 5 month-old puppy parenting, masked errand-running, working from home, and a girls' boat weekend this upcoming weekend tossed in the mix. 

Stay tuned for desperate requests for tips, support, and meal/snack ideas for yours truly to stay W30-compliant AND stay undercover-pregnant;)

M1: 2 eggs + coffee

M2: Evergreens salad (take-out)...romaine + arugula + roasted broccoli + cherry tomatoes + HB egg + sunflower seeds + chopped chicken breast + oil + vinegar

M3: 1 oz macadamia nuts + carrot sticks

M4Chicken Cutlets + Tessa Mae's Avocado Ranch + roasted broccoli

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Day 7: June 23

Feelings: gloriously deflated as of this morning, turns out that drinking water helps you feel less puffy, more energetic, and less bloated.  WHO KNEW.  Up 2.5 lbs since beginning of the 1st trimester to alllmost the end of it.  Waking up in the morning and can't quite suck everything in anymore.  Trying to get used to this ever-changing body while being the ultimate host for this baby by eating and drinking all the "right" things.  Feels almost like another full-time job, but so is parenting, so I'll consider this the internship phase.  

M1: 2 eggs + coffee

M2: Evergreens salad (take-out)...romaine + arugula + roasted broccoli + cherry tomatoes + HB egg + sunflower seeds + chopped chicken breast + oil + vinegar Tastes so nice, I'm having it twice (in two days)

M3: 1 oz macadamia nuts + carrot sticks + prunes prunes: not just for old people

M4Buffalo Chicken Meatballs + roasted broccoli anything "buffalo" is a hit in this household, especially cauliflower.  But alas, your girl needs protein.

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