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Started June 10th and loving it!!


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Hi I am Kisela and on day 14 of the Whole30! I took this journey as I was experiencing a lot of GI issues and wanted to know what is causing these issues. I have always had a good appetite and can pretty much eat anything. I also seem to be extremely tired and foggy brained. I'm in the middle of studying for my NCLEX for my LPN license and I don't have time to be tired and fog brained.  I always loved, enjoyed cooking but these recipes have stepped up my game. My mom has taken part in enjoying the meals and we are both very impressed by what we have had so far. I appreciate the breakdown on what I may experience on this journey, I did have a slight headache for a few days, right now I am totally fantasizing about oreo cookie blizzards and cookie dough ice cream :-) 

I am excited for the next two weeks of the journey!

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