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Can I have these vitamins?


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My boyfriend and I are reading through the Whole30 books and are about to start the program soon. We were just looking at our vitamins that we take everyday and trying to decide if they were okay or not. 

He takes the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men multivitamin and we noticed it seems okay other than it says the Zinc and the Manganese come from brown rice chelate. Does that mean he can’t take them? 

I take the New Chapter every woman’s one daily multi. They are fermented and it says the ferment media includes organic soy flour. I’m assuming this means I can’t take them. Is this correct? 

We just want to make sure we are completely compliant! Thank you! 



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I hope a moderator can confirm but I think the men's one is okay. The brown rice chelate reference is in the lines for Zinc and Manganese. I haven't ever heard of Whole30 caring where the zinc or the manganese came from, but I'm not entirely sure... The women's one is not because it contains soy flour and fermented soy. No soy on Whole30. 

That being said, in general, I don't believe it's recommended that you take a multi-vitamin on Whole30 (unless doctor prescribed or something) because you will be eating such a wide variety of whole, natural foods including lots of vegetables. 

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