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First week down and i am still standing


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Hello All, I am new to W30, although I've heard about it before. I just completed my first official week of W30. While I cannot lie and say it was as easy as 1,2,3 I can say that I am very proud of myself that I've stuck to the plan. I am a serial dieter, love to work out and have energy for days, but what I've always relied on is the fact that I work out hard, which for me meant I had the allowance to eat what I liked (as moderately as I could), overall I eat relatively health but as I get older the choices that I once made seem to be backfiring on me, so I made a conscious decision that in 2013 I will diet no more, my goal is to have an effective and easy to follow life style change that improves my outlook to life, my mood and my approach to all things that I do. So here I am taking this W30 journey, which I know is a lot more than changing your nutritional choices, and more about making effective choices that generate positive impacts for your life.

The hardest part has not been trying to eat W30 compliant foods, since 80% of my diet already was W30, what has been difficult has been these migraines that I seem to get unfailingly at 2PM every day, I will be glad when this passes, but I know I get these when my body goes through a cleanse and the toxins are trying to find their way out.

With the first week down and successful, I am pumped to see how well I do in week 2….

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