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I don't really understand how to incorporate fruit. It says not to have fruit for a snack, but with your meals. I don't eat a lot so it is hard to eat meat and veggies and fruit. Is the concept to limit ourselves to just 3 meals a day? I read that I need to increase the amount of food if I am hungry before the next meal. Does this mean that I shouldn't have fruit between breakfast and lunch? Or at night for a snack.

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Hi there and welcome to Whole30! 

To be honest, I very rarely eat fruit on Whole30. So you don't have to incorporate it at all if it doesn't make sense for you.

That being said, yes, you should try to eat fruit with meals. The idea is to avoid a sugar spike that would accompany eating it on its own and to not prop up your sugar cravings. When I do eat fruit, it's pineapple in a stir fry or apple in a breakfast hash or maybe a handful of blueberries with my eggs in the morning. 

When snacking, if needed, you should try to make it a mini meal with a small portion of protein plus fat and/or veggies. So, a hardboiled egg and some carrot sticks. Or some deli turkey and guacamole. Something more like that. 

As for staying full, I find that fat is critical. Do you eat one or more plated fats with each meal (cooking oil doesn't usually count because most of that stays in the pan)? If not, I highly encourage you to add some fat and that may help you feel full longer without increasing the volume of what you're eating very much. For me personally, I also find that eating at least two servings of starchy vegetables (e.g., potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnip, butternut squash, etc.) helps me have more energy and stay fuller. 

I hope this helps! I wish you the very best!

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Fruit on it's own can cause blood sugar spikes, and for some people it keeps their craving for sweets going strong. If you need to eat between meals, we would encourage you to eat a mix of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.

You never have to eat fruit, there's not really anything you get from fruit that you don't get from vegetables, but you can have some if you want it. You can just have it as a side with a meal, or you could incorporate it into the meal -- berries in a salad, pan fried apples and cinnamon on a pork chop, grapes in chicken salad, or this blueberry omelet:

Yes, the goal for most people is to have three meals a day, with 4-5 hours between meals. Assuming you don't have any physical reason you can't do that (for example, people who have had gastric bypass or other weight loss surgeries often physically cannot eat much at a time), you can work on increasing your meal sizes until you stay satisfied for about four or five hours after each meal.

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