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Vegan Shopping List

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Hi All, 


I've done 1 round of W30 in the past, turned out soy was a trigger for me! was almond butter, sad day! 

Legumes however were not a problematic food for me. I'm now wanting to embark on my own version of a whole 30 vegan style .... I understand I'm not really doing the whole 30.

What I'm hoping a moderator can help me with is a vegan shopping list ... I found the vegetarian one listed on the website .... but I've seen another one floating around that is vegan specific and has legumes listed on it ... I wanted to see if this was just made out in the world by somebody or it was actually provided by W30, I am attaching it below, I'm having trouble finding it not blurry but if it's real I'd love to find it!

Thank you! :)


Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 1.26.46 PM.png

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