OJ with Carbonated Water


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Looking for something to drink that is less boring than water. The orange juice contains: 100% Orange juice, calcium hydroxide, citric acid, malic acid, and vitamin D3.

I know I'm not supposed to just drink fruit juice, but if I put a lot of water and a little OJ and carbonate it, would that be okay?

Specifically, I am wondering if calcium hydroxide and malic acid are compliant with the program??? (I know that the OJ, citric acid and D3 are fine.) Thanks!

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Hooray! Thank you, Shannon! :-) We recently got a carbonating machine (before we even decided to do Whole30), just to spend less money on sparkling water and those flavored "Ice" drinks. Glad to know this is Whole30 compliant - I like drinking different flavors from time to time.

Also, I'm really excited to try those mocktails! Thanks for the link. :)

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