Colonoscopy on Day 14--restart or continue?

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My two cents (there are people much more knowledgeable and experienced than me here):  Strictly speaking, the Gatorade is not W30 and the letter of the law would be to restart.  Personally, I'm in the middle of a W60 as I decided to extend my W30 after a mishap with Japanese food.  I felt that the gains I had made to that point-physical, mental and emotional-far out-weighed the impact of that meal in my overall journey toward health.  Plus, if I had started over at Day 1, I would not be in the same place on the timeline-I had already experienced the headaches, fatigue, etc of the first week or so.  I think you have to decide what's best for you - if this is a journey to change your relationship with food consider whether or not a restart is necessary to move forward.  If this is strictly elimination to see how certain foods effect you, consider that you would get less than 30 days of elimination unless you restart (or extend out 30 more days) and how that would impact your experiment. 

There are lots of good resources about this on the website and in the forum (best found through a Google search).  

Good luck with whatever you decide, and especially with the colonoscopy! 


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It sounds like the general recommendation is to start over. If you Google "Whole 30 colonoscopy" there are a number of previous threads and most people seem to have the best experience when they restart or add on extra days to their Whole30. 

I wish you the very best with your Whole30 journey and with the colonoscopy! 

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