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shayne j

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a couple of recommended by my integrative oncologist, i should be working flax seed meal into my diet on a daily basis, but i did notice from another post that flax seeds should be limited. i’m not always doing this every day, but are the 2 T. i take ok? 

and i know that smoothies, per se, are not recommended, but i typically use them as a way to avoid choking down the fistful of herbal supplements i take each day, also as directed by my integrative doc. i was considering using hemp powder instead of the vanilla protein powder i typically use, but wanted some additional feedback first. in addition to the powder and supplements, i include ground flax seed meal, mushroom, vegetable and chlorella powders, a vegan collagen powder, cinnamon and frozen berries. the berries are used primarily for a colder temperature and to help mask the less than pleasant flavor of all these powders. i would not be looking to this as a meal replacement, just a vehicle to consume whatever has been recommended by my doctor for immune function and support. as long as everything is whole30 compliant, is this “smoothie” ok given the circumstances? thanks so very much. 


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Anything your doctor has told you to do, you should keep doing, doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules.

As long as everything in the smoothie is whole30 compliant, it should be fine. Double check all your labels to be sure there's no soy or sweeteners in them, those are pretty common in some of the powders.

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