Caramel Color in Beef Broth

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Hello. I read through the entire Whole30 book as well as the sneaky sugar list on the website and did not see anything about caramel color not being allowed. I used organic beef broth that lists that as an ingredient but says 0g of sugar. I saw some people posting in the forum that it was a form of sugar. I’m wondering if I ruined my Whole30....


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Hmm...I could have sworn that it used to be on a couple different lists as a no-go. 

Hopefully a mod will come in and give a better answer, but I would say that you did your searching and could not find a definitive answer from the official Whole30 resources, so in the grand scheme of things you can just keep trucking along. 

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Caramel color is made from sugar, which is why on the forum mods have always said avoid it. I am not sure why it didn't end up on any of the additives or sneaky sugars lists.

What I would say is, avoid it going forward, but for now, just keep going. 

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