Feeling hot & sweating after meals

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Hi everyone,

I'm on day 9 of my Whole30, and for the past 5 days or so I've been getting periods of feeling flushed, hot, and sometimes sweating, about 30-60 minutes after eating. Sometimes it resolves quickly, within several minutes, and other times it takes longer (1-2 hours). 


I've tried to pay attention to see if there is any food in particular that might be causing this, but so far I haven't had a lot of luck. MAYBE nightshades (potatoes and tomatoes) or eggs, or both, but I'm not sure yet. Has anyone else experienced this, and is it a normal body response?


Yesterday I started thinking it could be not enough carbs, so I added some potatoes (hadn't had any before then). I didn't seem to have a reaction last night, but I had potatoes and steak for breakfast and I'm feeling flushed again. It feels like it MIGHT be a blood sugar issue (I'm not diabetic, but have had issues with low blood sugar), but I don't know how to tell the difference between blood sugar and a food reaction.

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