What to order at a Mexican Restaurant.... Tamales?

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At any restaurant you'll need to ask questions about any dish to verify ingredients.

Even if the filling of the tamales is compliant (you'd have to ask to be sure) you'd need to carefully remove the masa, the dough part that the filling is in, which is made of corn meal, and which might be difficult to completely remove if it breaks apart as you try to get the filling out.

The roasted pork might be ok, but it's possible the marinade has sugar in it.

The chicken chimichurri might be ok, you'd have to ask about what is in the chimichurri sauce and any marinade, find out what oil they cook it in, be sure they don't top it with cheese, and see what sides it's served with since you can't have rice or beans, the typical sides on a Mexican restaurant. 

If they have a salad, you might be able to get that topped with grilled chicken or carnitas, checking what marinades and cooking oils they use. Fajitas might be compliant. Carne asada might be compliant. Any of these things are going to require you to ask questions. If you don't want to ask while you're at the table ordering, try calling ahead at a non-busy time and talk to someone so you know exactly what to order when you get there.

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