Whole30 when you can’t cook

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I just started my first W30 in July. We also listed our house for sale. I am frustrated at trying to cook (or not to cook) around the time we may have a viewing.  Even the slightest sautéing can leave lingering smells. We mostly grill but for side dishes... same challenge. So we decided to eat out more ... last thing I want to do during W30. 
I end up ordering a Cesar salad- hold the croutons, the Parmesan and the dressing. I’m left with Romaine... which fortunately I love. Arrrrgh.

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You can put a sautee pan or cast iron pan on the grill and cook things that way. 

Grilled vegetables are great. Summer salads. 

Or get an air purifier thing for the kitchen? Your realtor's got to have a suggestion. 

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