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I'm doing 90 in 90 on my W9

Donna Anne

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Hi All!

Off to embark on 90 W30 type food days in 90 calendar days....Here for accountability. Have done 3 W30 last year with incredible success. But after 30 days I cheat, sugar dragon unleashed and scratching my head....."how did I get here?" Carbs are my trigger.

Day One:

B: eggs with compliant sausage Banana

L: Salad greens, tomato, eggs, peppers, grilled chicken

D: Sweet Potato with Ghee, Compliant grilled sausage and organic baby carrots and a medley of mixed peppers (red, green, orange) with onions in olive oil with garlic

S: Almonds

Day One success! Hallelujiah!!!!!!

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Welcome, Donna. There are a bunch of us who felt the same way and started a Whole100 on Jan 1st. We are all hoping that the longer time will help make the lessons stick better. You are welcome to join us if you like. Our Log is called "100 Days of Awesome".

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