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My doctor recommended Whole 30..

Anna Mari

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Hello..I am Anna Mari..i have been a diabetic for 17 years and have always tried to find ways to keep my sugar in check..but that is really hard to do since I inherited my grandmothers sweet tooth..lol..so long story short I changed primary doctors after 20 years and expressed my concerns about my sugar management to my new doctor. I told him its not fair to be banned from sweets and bread lol..so our conversation geared towards the "Whole 30"..he stated I should really try it and the next day i dived right into it..I had seen it before..since i am an avid recipe finder on low sugar recipes..keto etc...I am currently on my 11 day..I do feel a huge difference not only when i check my sugars but on how I feel. It is a strict program..but actually seemed manageable for me..I was surprised that I could have fruit..and was a bit skeptical on incorporating fruit in my diet..but along with a meal..it actually surprised me when i checked my sugars. they were actually much lower then when i was not incorporating them..This program has really made me evaluate food and what goes into my body..I actually dont feel bloated or like "you have to un-button your pants" feeling..lol..I feel good..I am going back to my doctor next month..and i am sure the numbers will be a good report..Thank You..Anna

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