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Hi! I’m winding down the end of my 6th day of Whole30, but this is not my first rodeo. This is the... 4th? Possibly even the 5th or 6th Whole30 I’ve done over the past six years. I’ve basically treated it like a crash diet, ignoring the re-introduction phase and never engaging with the community (as you are repeatedly encouraged to do). Not surprisingly, none of the habits have stuck longer than a moth or two and my weight has steadily inclined while my overall health and well-being decline. I do feel amazing on the Whole30 and I know a mostly paleo diet works really well for me. And yet... Real, long-term food habit changes have just not happened.

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So this time I am doing Whole30 by the book. Literally, I bought the book. Several, actually. I’m committing to the re-introduction protocol at the end and I am here posting in the forum for the first time ever to actually attempt to engage with a community. I’m an introvert, and a bit of rebel. I like doing things on my own. But what I’ve learned is that this is one thing I can’t do by myself. 

Are there any other folks out there like me who have been wary of the forum or who have done multiple Whole30’s but still struggle with long-term changes? I’d love to meet you! 

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Welcome to the forum!  I'm struggling to complete my 6th round, and while I've posted a food journal in the past, this is the first round that I've actively engaged in the forum and tried to work through making changes.  There's a group of us in the Community/Your Whole 30 log section of the forum that tend to post at least several times a week, if not daily.  Come join us! 

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