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Hello from Germany


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Hello from southern Germany.

I'm Semi, I'm 27, part time student and two time Mother (3.5 and 1).


I decided to start the Whole30 4 Days ago and now I'm already on Day 3.

I started the Wole30 because of my eczema. My doctor told me about 2 years ago, that I should do a strict Elimination Diet to find out which of my food insensitivities cause the eczema.

I'm quite sure soy and sugar are playing a big part. The "problem" was I was trying to live vegan. Which is quite hard without soy, since I do get a reaction from most beans ( I'm histaminintolerant with tons of allergies like fish, pollen, some fruits etc).

So I'm quite excited to start this journey, even if it means, that I have to eat tons of meat and eggs.

Another goal is to loose some weight. I still have around 8 kg (18ish lbs?) to much on my ribs, so I would be quite happy to loose some of it, although it's not the main goal. I really want to get rid of my eczema and my bloating.


The hardest part until now was finding condiments. Most condiments  here have tons of sugar and it is really hard to find Whole30 approved Food in Germany, which doesn't ruin you (I already pay tons of money for meat).


Until now I didn't even have any withdrawal symptoms, although today I have a horrible headache (which I blame on my pastry, ben and jerrys and sweets addiction).

But I will power through this.


My plan is to do the Whole30 at least 30 days, possibly longer so I can really adapt to eat more balanced.


I anticipate some struggle, while visiting my in laws, bc they eat quite carb heavy.

I'm still thinking about a solution for that.


I wish you all an amazing day!

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Thank you!

I try my best!

Yesterday was a bit hard, bc I really craved some Pasta!

Instead of eating that I ate some leftover chicken with baked sweet potatoe, that helped (it also helped with my headache!).

I really hope, I do find a good solution for the 10 Day visit.

I'm already a bit anxious about "Tea time" and yes, it's 4 pm and normally we drink black tea and eat cake (they're from Frisia, so they have lots of common with Brits). It is an honoured ritual, so it will be really hard bc I have to attend. m(


Today was quite good. I figured out one can pair fryed eggs with a few raisins and it tastes good :)


Will post some more successes and struggles in the upcmong weeks :)



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