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Hello from Colorado!

Donna Winzenried

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Hi everyone! Today was my day to jump on the whole 30 bandwagon. It is now evening and I feel like I did pretty good today. My main worry (and this is silly) was MY GOD, HOW WILL I EVER GET USED TO NO SPLENDA IN MY COFFEE? and guess what? I tried frothed coconut milk and it was all good....I am still not quite up to snuff on what to have stocked and all, but tomorrow I will arm myself with the grocery list and fill the fridge with good stuff.My main reason for doing the whole 30 is because I am tired of feeling rotten and trying to get off these last 15 lb. I also have some intestinal issues and the docs are still trying to figure out what is going on, so being on the whole 30 can only do me good. I hope to talk with others like me who are new to all of this!

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