Gin's 6th Whole30 Log

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Day 16

Got woken up at 1:30 am by a (foster) kitten attempting to climb a bookshelf and knocking a bunch of card decks to the floor.  Had to get up and clean and make sure he was okay. He was, he hadn't fallen but fled the room from all the noise he made.  This was definitely a morning for coconut milk coffee before my 6 am Skype call from Japan.  I got through that and the rest of work stuff just fine and am feeling pleasantly tired as evening settles in.  Aside from lack of sleep, felt pretty good today, muscles and joints included.

Breakfast- leftover vol au vent sauce on poached eggs and zucchini-potato-carrot hash browns.  Also taste tested my sauerkraut, getting so delicious!

Lunch- tuna (with mayo) and side of zucchini soup.

Dinner- bulgogi-inspired marinated steak with green beans. Had another taste of the sauerkraut, it's really getting so good I was tempted to eat more.  Also, ate the last spoonful of mayo so I could wash the jar.  


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Day 17

I'm still feeling good.  I'll be away from internet and my phone from 5 am until 9 pm tomorrow so I might not summarize the day until the next morning.  I spent today preparing and packing my food (with extra just in case) so I'll be staying on track while away.  Sauerkraut tasted really good this morning, almost put it away in the fridge but decided to wait until this evening.  After this evening's taste test it's officially in the fridge!  

Breakfast- zucchini and potato frittata

Lunch- halupki with cucumber salad. Munched on cashews while cooking and packing for tomorrow.

Dinner- chicken in the nut/seed sauce and zucchini-yellow squash soup

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Day 18

Woke up at 3:30 so I could be at my designated post at 5 am and was nonstop busy until 9 pm.  I was really glad I had everything packed, including breakfast waiting in the fridge which I ate at home before leaving.  There was a lot of junk food around and being offered to me but I avoided it peacefully and didn't feel tempted.  I did pack pretty big portions so my meals were very filling.  

Breakfast- Deviled eggs and zucchini-yellow squash soup.  Oh and coconut milk coffee.

Lunch- cucumber salad and spinach turkey burger, plenty of homemade mayo (with dill) involved.  Also a little more coconut milk coffee.  

Dinner- (creamy sauce) curry chicken and sesame green beans.

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Day 19

I've been tired all day from yesterday but was still up at 5 because there is no such thing as sleeping in for me.  ugh  6 am Japan call went well but that seemed to drain all my brain's ability for the day so I'm not even sure what else I accomplished.  I've been on auto pilot.  I do at least have cashews soaking on the counter to make milk tomorrow.  

Breakfast- chicken with the last of the nut/seed sauce and zucchini-yellow squash soup.

Lunch- hot dogs and sauerkraut!  I specifically got whole30 approved hot dogs to properly enjoy the sauerkraut I just made.  

Dinner- halupki, which hit the spot so perfectly.  I had a handful of cashews while I was getting some measured to make milk tomorrow and a few olives just because I wanted them.  
























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Day 20

Woke up at 5 am still tired from Tuesday but it's normal for me to need several days to recover from a day like that.  I was much more productive though, didn't use coffee or tea either.  I did make the cashews milk I set up yesterday so that was a good start.  I got a pot of chili going while I prepared breakfast since I was going to have a busy day and would barely have time to eat lunch much less make it too.  I've got a lot of zucchini and yellow squash so I'm trying to throw it into everything I make to eat my way through it.  

Breakfast- Scrambled curry eggs with onion, potato, yellow squash, zucchini hash brown patties also doused in curry sauce. 

Lunch- chili with yellow squash and zucchini added.  

Dinner- hot dogs and sauerkraut.   I really love this sauerkraut.  


Thanks, jennifer_k!

PS: I didn't realize there was so much space in my day 19 post.  My foster kitten likes to sit on my keyboard and I didn't notice he made that huge space before I submitted.  I just deleted gibberish writing so that got past me.  Whoops.  

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Day 21

I got lousy sleep last night but I actually felt okay today in spite of it.  I got things done, more than I thought I would.  I made a few different dishes to rotate into my meals with my other things.  

Breakfast- Asian version of Scotch egg and green beans with spicy mustard sauce.  That sauce was incredible with the Asian spiced "Scotch" egg.  I'll have to repeat that.

Lunch- fish in clay pot inspired by a dish I used to get at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant where I used to live  and a Whole30/paleo version of Caesar salad

Dinner- grilled steak and zucchini-yellow squash soup with a bit of my homemade yogurt on top.  Also, a few bites of sauerkraut.  

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Day 22

Still not used to the new bed I got on Thursday but I think I slept slightly more last night than I did Thursday night.  There's nothing wrong with it, just feels a little different.  I had a productive day though and got a lot done.  I even stripped and re-seasoned my cast iron skillet, which had come to badly need the overhaul.  

Breakfast- Cajun baked catfish with cashew lemon topping, sauerkraut, and zucchini

Lunch- grilled steak in salad with creamy garlic dressing and kalamata olives.

Dinner- chili-stuffed zucchini boats with coconut cream.  

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Day 23

Still working on getting used to sleeping in the new bed but determined not to resort to caffeine since it was never my thing and I don't want it to become a thing.  Survived my 6am call from Japan and moved everything out of my kitchen, living room, and bathroom to thoroughly clean, sweep, and mop.  By the time the floors were dry and I put everything back I was beat and just swept and mopped around everything in the other rooms.  I figured it was a good day for it since I have so many things already made and waiting in the fridge.  I realized though that I am out of soup so I'll have to remedy that tomorrow.  I don't like not having some type of soup on hand.  That's not a Whole30 thing, that's just my regular habit.    

Breakfast- Scotch egg with creamy mustard sauce and veggie-potato hash browns

Lunch- Cajun baked catfish with a big bowl of salad

Dinner- hot dogs and sauerkraut and a side of cashews


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22 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

Good job!  I've been putting mine off for too long, am using non-stick, which I don't like because I don't trust the safety of it, even though its not scratched or damaged.  

Your meals sound delicious!

Thank you.  It's the first time I did it so I procrastinated out of nervousness.  Now I'm glad it's done and the pan performed beautifully today like when it was new.  

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Day 24

Felt pretty good and productive, made a pot of soup and a pot of stew.  I portioned them out into separate serving size containers so they'll be easy to grab and eat for meals.  Making meatballs for the soup was a bit of a drag so early in the morning but the payoff was so worth it.  I can't wait to have some of the stew tomorrow!  It feels pretty good to know I'm in the final week.  After today, it's just 18 meals to go and then I can relax a bit.  I haven't been able to find fully compliant bacon locally this time around and decided not to try ordering any meats this time either, just uncured but with traces of sugar used found locally, so I'm counting the days to have some.  hahaha  

Breakfast- Scotch (Asian spices) egg and green beans with creamy coconut curry sauce

Lunch- homemade Whole30 compliant Italian wedding soup with a side salad

Dinner- Vietnamese style fish in clay pot with a big salad

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Day 25

Feeling really good here, and getting a lot done.  I actually meant to have stew for breakfast but woke up really wanting something else so I made that and saved stew for later.  The stew was amazing and wasn't difficult to tweak to make it Whole30 from the original recipe I found online for the African Stew served at Mara's in Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World.  I'll definitely be making this again now that I've tried it.  Whole30s always inspire me to try making new things.  

Breakfast- poached eggs and roasted asparagus, both with freshly made Whole30 compliant hollandaise sauce.

Lunch- African stew with a cucumber tomato caprese-style salad using cashews and lemon.  

Dinner- Scotch egg with a big mixed green salad and kalamata olives.  

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Day 26

Busy day which started with my 6am Japan call.  It's a weekly Wednesday and Sunday thing.  I'm still staying away from caffeine, not even feeling tempted so I'm glad my few mornings of it didn't ignite a habit.  My energy is good. Someone gave me a little gift of something  I love but is non compliant (because of a small amount of sugar).  Luckily it will keep until this is over so it's safely tucked away.  

Breakfast- African Stew with mixed veggies in cashew cream sauce

Lunch- Italian wedding soup and a dish of sauerkraut

Dinner- ginger lime cracklin' chicken with roasted asparagus covered in hollandaise sauce

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Day 27

Pretty normal day of my usual getting up early, exercise, work, etc.  I'm feeling really good.  I'm also pretty happy to know that I have enough leftovers in the fridge and freezer to last through the weekend.  I don't have to cook anything new unless I really feel like it.  My dinner tonight left me with 2 more meals' worth of leftovers that I'm already looking forward to having and I've still got a lot of soup, stew, and even chili.    

Breakfast- Basil chicken and green beans with creamy lemon sauce

Lunch- Chili over green beans with a dollop of coconut milk yogurt

Dinner- Pork loin in its own gravy with sauerkraut and roasted butternut squash

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Day 28

Due to outside noise beyond my control, sleep was very lacking but I powered through the day.  I made a fresh jar of cashew milk plus a jar of coconut milk for whatever I might decide to do this weekend.  I did feel pretty brain dead by dinner time and went to bed early.  I kept my notes in my personal journal through the day though.   

Breakfast- Scallion omelet with leftover sauce from yesterday's breakfast and roasted butternut squash

Lunch- Pork and carrots in gravy plus a healthy side of sauerkraut

Dinner- African stew, heavy on the coconut cream and a small cucumber salad  (the stew is pretty loaded with veggies but I still wanted something fresh

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Day 29

I went to bed early last night but still got woken up from noise, bad luck.  Work was frustrating but I got everything done that I needed to and have been able to relax a bit.  I don't feel as brain dead as I did yesterday.  I'll try going to bed early again anyway.  And maybe just plan on making a coconut milk coffee before my 6am Skype meeting.   

Breakfast- Coconut scrambled eggs with roasted cinnamon-sprinkled sweet potatoes

Lunch- African stew with green beans in coconut curry sauce

Dinner- Baked Cajun salmon, onion, and cucumbers with creamy wasabi dressing


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Day 30

More loud storms off and on last night.  I am glad I set out everything last night to make my coffee this morning.  It's difficult for me to think in another language when I'm tired.  It stormed through half of my meeting and interestingly enough, it was storming over there in that part of Japan too.  The sauce I made last night turned out to be amazing on some tiny potatoes I quickly tossed in the microwave and cut (half mashed) this morning to go with my eggs.   It was originally going to be a scallion wasabi aioli but then I decided to make it a dressing instead before I turned on the blender, glad I did that.   I think there was a clear part of day but work kept me busy so I honestly didn't notice.  It's heavily raining right now that I'm done dinner.  Grocery order came this afternoon; fresh scallops so I made those rather than coasting to the finish line on leftovers like I thought I might.  

Breakfast- eggs over easy, sauerkraut, and steamed potatoes with wasabi dressing

Lunch- pork loin, carrots, and green beans with gravy on all of it

Dinner- scallops and zucchini with lemon caper sauce

And that is the end of my 30 days.  I only have a couple things I want to re-test so my reintroduction phase should be pretty short.  

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