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I did not do enough research before starting Whole30. I relied on this website to tell me about what I was getting into, and am very frustrated now to realize that they do not explain the risks associated with this extreme elimination diet. I am finishing my MSN degree and am embarrassed that I got sucked into this fad without requiring solid evidence to back it up.  I was looking for a “reset”. I did not have food sensitivities that I knew of, but I wanted to be able to kickstart healthy habits by eating Whole Foods for a month. I saw healthy changes in my skin and my ability to focus, and I lost some weight, but I felt tired and sick the whole time even though I was eating very healthy meals. I still thought it was worth it until I hit the reintroduction phase. The reintroduction phase has been hell. I have severe malabsorption syndrome and have made myself lactose intolerant, where before I had no issues digesting dairy and animal fats. I have had constant steatorrhea, gas, and bloating when trying to reintroduce even the smallest amounts of the food I used to have no issues with. I am now deficient in the lactase enzyme so my body cannot digest lactose. I do not know if I will ever be able to produce enough of the enzyme on my own to digest dairy. My gallbladder is not functioning properly anymore. My symptoms indicate that my intestinal tract is inflamed, and it is going to take time working with my doctor to heal from the Whole30 diet. I wish I had never done this diet and I believe it should be only used for people who already have food sensitivities, contraindicated for healthy individuals, and NEVER used as a weight loss tool. 

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Hi there! No idea if you’ll receive this, but wondering if you found a diagnosis? I did Whole30 back in October 2017 and started having fat malabsorption the weekend I began reintroducing foods back into my diet. I saw three different doctors who ruled out quite a lot of conditions. I was on Creon for about six months and without symptoms through my second pregnancy. I’ve had mild symptoms on and off since his birth and am seeing my doctor again on Wednesday. I’d love to know if you healed. 

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