Ursula's Whole 30 log.. late start

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Next time I do a full round, I will make sure that it doesn't end right after a long weekend. A long weekend with beautiful weather and the sun beckoning us to enjoy some day drinking and snack food.

Admittedly, while this supremely sucks not to be able to eat and drink like I might on a regular Labor Day weekend, it does feel good that I can manage some level of self-control and actually handle social situations with friends and remain not only compliant with Whole30, but only a tiny bit of jealously thrown in there. Also, when I talked about this with friends and explained that day 30 is Tuesday, they all agreed that bailing over the weekend was not worth it, so there was that bit of support. Admittedly, I could have kept my mouth shut and just imbibed, but....

I've also managed to get in a couple of workouts this weekend, so while I feel strong in my conviction, I am also physically improving as well. While I am off the proverbial clock on Wednesday, I have decided not to do anything different until Friday. Based on what I have read on other Whole30 groups on FB, I am a little worried that my reactions to certain foods may be more extreme than what I experienced before since my body is not completely clean. So, I think the weekends are the right time for experimenting. I made a reservation at Hank's Oyster Bar and plan on ordering:


I'll just need to confirm that they grill/cook the green beans without butter. If this won't work, they have oysters, peel and eat shrimp and mussels that will work. And with this will be a glass of sauvignon blanc. I feel like planning on the first meal where I am going to be experimenting is a good idea and here I am just limiting it to wine. I suspect that my alcohol tolerance has reduced as well, so it may be a short night as a cheap date.

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