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Hi, I am on day 5, I love the meals and I am not hungry, but

i Have drunk two coffees with full milk every morning of my adult life, so the milk was out and I went to the health food shop, explained what I was doing and they suggested macadamia milk, so I tried that - mega jitters, really tense and anxious - so I took some holy basil,  did two exercise classes and by mid afternoon felt good.

This morning halved the coffee content, same as yesterday  milk, exactly the same reaction, jitters and anxiety,  help me I hate feeling so anxious - is it the coffee or the milk, tomorrow I was going to try black coffee which I truly loathe, but I loathe the jitters more, is there any suggestions for me, help ... thank you Patricia


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Coffee does sometimes make people jittery, but I'm not sure why it would be doing it now if it never did before.  Maybe the milk had a higher fat content than the macadamia milk and it helped slow how fast the coffee was hitting your system? I can't imagine macadamia milk having that effect, but maybe it could be some weird reaction to that.

If you want to try different milk options, canned coconut milk, the full-fat type, like you'd use in cooking, is my favorite non-dairy thing to use in coffee. Or you could try half-caff or decaf coffee to see if that helps.

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Shannon, thank you so much for replying, I had my coffee this morning without the macadamia milk, no jitters no reaction, so, the milk is gone, I will try full fat canned coconut milk tomorrow as black coffee isn’t my favourite thing.  I am loving this way of eating I had got to the stage of trying every diet known to man over my 71 years and just gained weight and was miserable and didn’t know where to turn.  I read about the Whole30 on Facebook and I have devoured (if you’ll excuse the pun!) everything I can find on it.  I hadn’t had breakfast for 20 years, didn’t look forward to the calorie counted meals, aches everywhere... I could go on but you have probably nodded off haha.  Thank you

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