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Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway


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It's not quite my style to obnoxiously self-promote (in spite of my flashy signature...), but Tropical Traditions are kindly letting me offer a free 32oz jar of their highest quality coconut oil (which I legitimately find to be delicious) to one random participant. I would LOVE it if someone from the Whole9 forums could be the winner! You guys--more than anyone else--have been the most supportive, friendly, and helpful community I could ever ask for in my nutrition journey. I know, I just started posting here a few weeks ago but you've already changed my life (just like the book promised!)

So, anyway, I've got a pretty small, indie, underground (if you will) blog and probably won't get too many people entering. Between y'all and me, all of the participants so far haven't taken advantage of all the ways to get more entries, and I know you guys can do better than that. Basically, I'm determined to have a Whole30er (maybe a newbie like me :)) win this giveaway. And you can never have too much coconut oil.

Here's the link: http://calmmindkitch...tions-giveaway/

(Bonus... delicious plantains!)

All you have to do is:

1) sign up for their newsletter;

2) share the giveaway via social media;

3) leave a comment on my blog for each of these things (so you get two entries for doing it right :P)

And there's a whole bunch of optional entry methods such as "liking" my blog on facebook (I'm not gonna force anyone to do that if they don't want to... but given that I post my Whole30-compliant meals everyday, I think you might...). I hope some of you folks enter. I want you to win. :)

I hope this post is okay here. Looks like another forums member made a similar post a few months back. Thanks for clicking and entering and good luck!

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